"Chan and Zen Buddhism"     

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Philosophy Department
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Selected Readings in Zen Buddhism
Zen Book News and Bibliographies
Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library
Center for Buddhist Studies (Taiwan)
"REFERENCE WORKS FOR CHAN RESEARCH: A Selective Annotated Survey" by Urs APP
"English Publications on Zen 1977-92" by Urs App
"Zen Ancestors in China" a chart by Andy Ferguson
"Chan/Zen Studies in English: the State of the Field" by Bernard Faure
"Selected Bibliography on Chan/Zen" by Bernard Faure


"A Direct Explanation of the Praj~naa-paaramitaa Heart Sutra" by Shrama.na [Han-shan] De-ching
From "The Diamond Sutra: The Resolution of Doubts" By Shramana Han-shan De-ching

Writings of the Chan Patriarchs

"Nagarjuna Bodhisattva on the Perfection of Dhyana Meditation"
"The 'Hsin-Ming' Attributed to Niu-T'ou Fa-Jung" by Henrik H. Sorensen
"Treatise on the Supreme Vehicle" by [Chan Master] Hung Yen
The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra and Commentary by Chan Master Hsuan Hua (.pdf files)
The Platform (or Altar) Sutra of Hui Neng (The Sixth Patriarch)
"Song of Enlightenment" with Commentary by Chan Master Hsuan Hua
"The Dharma Essentials for Cultivating Stopping and Contemplation and Sitting in Dhyana" by Shrama.na Chih-i
"The Zen Teachings of Mazu" Translated by Thomas Cleary

"The Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening" by [Chan Master] Hui Hai
"The Dharma of Mind Transmission: Zen Teachings of Huang-po"
"The Zen Teachings of Master Lin-Chi" translated by Burton Watson
"Zen Teachings of Hongzhi Zhenjue"
Chan Master Shitou and His Disciples

"Sermons by Chinese Zen Master Fo-yen Ching-yuan"
"Practice and Attain Sudden Enlightenment" by Master Ch'an Yuan
"The Ten Oxherding Pictures" by Chan Master Kuoan
"Models for Sitting Meditation" by Chan Master Cijao of ChangLu
"The Autobiography and Maxims of Master Han Shan" Translated by Upasaka Richard Cheung
"Essentials of Practice and Enlightenment for Beginners"By Master Hanshan Deqing [1546-1623]

"Instructions in the Critical Essentials of Cultivating Dhyana Meditation" by Dhyana Master Han-shan
"Maxims of Master Han Shan"
"Master Hsu Yun Brief Biography" By Upasaka Lu K'uan Yu (Charles Luk)
"Prerequisites of the Ch'an Training" by Chan Master Xuyun
"Master Hsu Yun's Teachings" Edited, Translated and Explained by Lu Kuan Yu [Charles Luk]
"The Essentials of Ch'an Practice" by [Chan] Master Xuyun
"Master Hsu Yun's Discourse and Dharma Words" Translated by Lu Kuan Yu[Charles Luk]
Daily Lectures at Two Ch'an Weeks" by Chan Master Xuyun
"Chan: the Essence of All Buddhas" by Chan Master Hsuan Hua
"Smashing Empty Space to Reveal the Mind Ground" by Chan Master Hsuan Hua
"Four Dhyanas" by Chan Master Hsuan Hua
"Chan Meditation Involves Practicing the Six Paramitas" by Chan Master Hsuan Hua

"What is a 'Person of the Way Who Is Without Thoughts'?" by Chan Master Hsuan Hua
"The Meditation Hall is the Way-Place Where Buddhas Are Selected" by Chan Master Hsuan Hua
"To Investigate Chan, We Must Look Within Ourselves" by Chan Master Hsuan Hua
"The State of Chan Meditation" by Chan Master Hsuan Hua


"T'an Ching (Platform Scripture)" by Carl Bielefeldt and Lewis Lancaster
"Chinese Bhiksunis in the Ch'an Tradition" by Heng-Ching Shih  
"The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua Brings the Dharma to the West" by Ron Epstein
"Coming Down from the Zen Clouds: A Critique of the Current State of American Zen"
    by Stuart Lachs

"Is Zen Buddhism?" by David Loy
"Zen Holy War?" A book review by Josh Baran

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