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I originally constructed this web site primarily for the benefit of the students in my classes at San Francisco State University, from which I am now retired. (I am currently a research professor at the Intitute for World Religions in Berkeley, California.) I am leaving the site online in the hope that people will still find it to be useful. Since the links have not been checked in some time, some may be broken. If you find that is the case, I suggest you find an earlier version of the webpage in question on the 'waybackmachine' at

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Buddhism and Science

See also  Ron Epstein's Online Publications.

Introductory Reading List

A Short Introductory Reading List on Buddhism

Links to Online Collections of Buddhist Texts

Index of Buddhist Sutras / Suttas in English on the Internet
Extensive listing of links to both Mahayana and Theravada materials.

Kalavinka Dharma World
Includes translations of Mahayana texts and a journal.

Access to Insight
Extensive materials on the Theravada Buddhist tradition.

Online Sutras
A collection compiled by the Buddhist Study and Practice group at SUNY Stoneybrook.

Mahayana Buddhist Sutras in English

Links to various English translations of major Mahayana sutras.

Links to Other Selected Internet Sites

Buddhist Resource File
This is one of the most comprehensive sources for information on Buddhism on the Internet.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
This is the major academic Buddhist archives on the Internet, located at Australia National University.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics Online Resources
Provides access not only to the articles in the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, but also to other important Internet sources on Buddhism.

Buddhist Digital Library and Museum
A wide range of information is available here, both general and technical. The site includes an archives of scholarly articles on various Buddhist topics.

Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism
An excellent source of information compiled by Prof. Charles Muller.

Gateways to Buddhism
Another extensive site for information about Buddhism.

Another extensive site for information about Buddhism.

Buddhism Past and Present
Lectures on Buddhism by Professor Peter Friedlander of Latrobe University. The site also includes extensive supplementary materials and links.

DRBA Homepage
Information about the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, including publications of the Buddhist Text Translation Society (some online), Dharma Realm Buddhist Youth, the Institute for World Religions and Berkeley Buddhist Monastery.

Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery
Information about the Theravada Buddhist monastery and its outreach activities in the SF Bay Area, includes links to Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, its parent monastery in England.

Buddhism Propagation Center
An online Buddhist bookstore for books, tapes, etc. in English, Chinese, and bilingual editions.

Texts on Death and Dying

Prince Siddhartha Encounters Old Age, Sickness and Death
A canonical account from the Digha-Nikaya.

"At the End of Life" by Shramana Hong Yi
This is a bilingual Chinese-English text. The Chinese will appear as nonsense characters without a Chinese reader program.

"Three Essentials for Those Close to Death"  by Dharma Master Yin Guang
This is a bilingual Chinese-English text. The Chinese will appear as nonsense characters without a Chinese reader program.

"To the Last Breath: Dhamma Talks on Living and Dying" by Venerable Acharn Mahaa Boowa Nyanasampanno

"Imitating Death in the Quest for Enlightenment" by Ron Epstein
The essay contains some interesting stories about Bodhidharma and discussion of their meaning.

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