ABNORMAL -- deviating from the norm or average. A general term referring to severe personality disorders, usually implying psychosis

ANXIETY REACTION -- neurosis characterized by anxiety.

AUTISM -- excessive absorption in fantasy and escape from reality.

CATATONIC -- schizophrenic condition characterized by the loss of voluntary motion and cessation of verbal communication.

PERSONALITY DISORDER -- behavior disorder involving disturbances of trait or pattern, with little or no anxiety.

CONVERSION REACTION -- neurosis in which the conflict is converted into physical symptoms.

DEFENSE MECHANISM -- behaviors which offset or reduce the feelings of anxiety.

DELUSION -- false belief that persists despite the facts to the contrary.

HALLUCINATION -- perception of objects or events which have no reality.

DISORGANIZED TYPE -- schizophrenic reaction characterized by silliness and delusions, hallucinations, and regression.

HYPOCHONDRIACAL REACTION -- neurosis in which a person is excessively concerned with his physical welfare.

BIPOLAR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER -- psychotic reaction marked by extremes of mood.

NEUROSIS -- behavior disorder that arises when an individual's conflicts are not adequately handled by his defense mechanisms.

OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE REACTION -- neurosis characterized by the constant presence of one unwanted anxiety-provoking idea and the occurrence of impulses to perform certain acts frequently.

PARANOIA -- psychosis characterized by the development of systematic persecution or grandiose delusions.

PHOBIC REACTION -- neurosis characterized by intense, specific, irrational fear and the avoidance of the feared object or situation.

PSYCHOSIS -- behavior disorder that may include disorders of thought and feeling, hallucinations, delusions and bizarre behavior.

SCHIZOPHRENIC REACTION -- psychosis characterized by one or more of the following: regression, hallucinations, delusions, withdrawal from reality, posturing, flattened or inappropriate affect.

SOCIAL NORMS -- behaviors that are acceptable to society as a whole.

SOCIOPATHIC PERSONALITY -- character disorder involving amorality, lack of guilt and shame, behavior, chronic Iying, cheating, or stealing, and the Inability to profit from experience.

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