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20th-Century Queer* Chicana Fictions ...



This is by no means a complete bibliography of all Chicana Lesbian writers. It may serve as an introductory guide to fiction and drama by and about Chicana lesbians. I'm always looking for more to read, so if you come across something you love or hate by a Chicana or Latina lesbian writer, please email me!

...and a few Latinas


I'm including some Latina writers here, 'cause I wouldn't want you to miss them, but I'll designate them with a (++) for purists and students writing research papers.


See also the syllabus for Representations of Chicana Lesbians

an upper-division course I taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in the Chicano Studies Department.

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I would like to acknowledge my own debt to Juana Maria Rodriguez, Tejanito, and Susana Gallardo, whose websites have been valuable references for me.



*about "Queer"

Not all of these writers are lesbians. However, in my humble opinion, they do deal with romantic and/or erotically charged relationships between women, and/or lesbian or bisexual characters.



I use the term "fictions" pretty loosely here to include cuentos, teatro, novels, and other stories people tell.

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