Intersections of Art, Technology, Science & Culture - Link


Conceptual Kinetics, Electronics, Physical Computing
Architectural Light/Sound,Spectacle

Hiro Yamagata.laser light installations
James Woodfill  - kinetic light/sound installations, public art
ashok sukumaran - glow positioning system  spot scope public light art, ring of lights, Glow Positioning , Everything is Contestable  - user action, Park View Hote
Miguel Chevalier -  light sculputre, architecture
Milton Komisar - public art light sculpture
Michael Christain Burning Man Sculpture
Eric Orr - Tesla sculpture
Ben Rubin - Story Pipeline (LED stories)
Sheldon Brown (video controlled by motion)
spots - broekman curator - various artists -e.g. building window lights as pixels - carsten nicolai - sensor ( react to traffic) ; jim campbell (pixelated people at work)
Raymond Deirkauf w/ Beyond Expression - Rays
Electroland - Lumen, Enteractive - (people's movement affect lights inside on floor and on front)
David Rokeby - Cloud (grid of displays in and out of synch)
Erwin Redl - fade, matrix, flow (large scale LED sculpture)
David Rokeby - Clouds (robotic mirrors with autonomous patterns)
Edwin van der Heide - LSP(Laser Sound Performances) 08
New Public Spaces - Fused space 
Jim Conti - Show your Stripes (public light display controlled by cell phones)

Gallery scale mechanical, electronic, light

Andreas Muxel - CONNECT – feedback - driven sculpture AE09
Benjamin Maus , Julius von Bismarck - Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus (prints out stories via patent drawings AE09)
Osman Khan, Kim Beck - when laughter trips at the threshold of the divine (automatic sliding doors outside respond to movement -AE09)
Lawrence Malstaf - Nemo Observatorium (observer surrounded by whirlwind of pellets -AE09)
ART+COM - The Kinetic Sculpture (independent suspended balls coordinate movement - AE09)
robotlab (Matthias Gommel, Martina Haitz, Jan Zappe) - bios [bible] (industrial robot programmed to calligraphically write the bible - AE09)
5voltcore, Emanuel Andel - -knife sent between fingers space - influenced by skin conductance  -LV08. DE07
David Rokeby - Cloud (large scale vibrated mirrors - LV07)
Leandro M. Nuñez Propagaciones  (electromechanical realization of Conway Lfe game LV07)
Tsutomu Mutoh - Optical Tone (sculptures that manifest color space AE08)
Mariana Rondón - Llegaste con la Brisa 1.5 (bubble blowing robot device 07)
Valentina Vuksic - Harddisko - (old hard disks activated as kinetic/sound event - De07)
Herwig Weiser - Death Before Disko 3.1  (plastic, light, magnetic liquids - activated by outer space sounds - de07)
Mariela Yeregui- Proxemia (robotic, light emitting spheres react to people 05)
Frank Malina - light/kinetics
Gustav Metzger - Auto Destructive Art 
Larnie Fox  - kinetic/sound sculptures and bamboo structures,  airplanes
Guy Marsdan - Digital Numeric Revelator
Soda Group Kinetic experiments 
Arthur Ganson  alt site  mechanical contrivances
Andrew Neuman - kinetics, lcd screens
Gregoary Barasamian
Alan Rath - digital video & robotic sculptures , Rath Robotics
Bruce Cannon
Carlo Bernardini - Event Horizon
Alan Rorie
Benjamin Cowden
Carl Pisaturo
Christopher T. Palmer
CTP's KineticWorld Blog
Greg Brotherton
Jonathan Foote
Nemo Gould
Reuben Margolin
Violet Blue's Art Machines Blog
Jeppe Hein - main  - kinetic installations, moving walls, shaking cube
Mark Hauenstein  - OiTV (tv out of control,  image controlled by motion)
Emanuel Andel, Christian Guetzer - main  alt  Shockbot Corejulio  (robot arm affects its controlling computer)
Nicholas Stedman - The Blanket Project  (self actuated),  Transubstantiator (chalice of wine as battery, read bible)
f18 - Living Room,  robot totem (stand and falli cycle)
GreyWorld - Bins and Benches  (self activated public furniture)
Raffaello D'Andrea, Max Dean, Matt Donavan  - Robotic Chair (reassemble itself) the Table.
MarkDavid Hosale, John Thompson - DEFENDEX-ESPGX  (homage to early technology)
Crispin Jones - Mr Jones Watches
Tatsuo Miyajima - Floating Time, led compositions, water installations
Istvan Kantor - filecabinet ,kinetics
Lewis DeSoto Main page , Recital
Mark Madel  main  - Killing Time
Heidi Kumao - Cinema Machines, household objects as projectors, wearables
Bill Urmenyi    Also book/ cd "Elecronics for Artists"
Leo Villareal-  Light Sculpture - flowers, text
Severin Hofmann, David Moises - Turing Train Terminal ,(train calculates)
Gijs van Bon - Arabesk #23,Interceptive, Remote, Hart-Beating-and-Heated-Seat
Paul Klotz  - 3D- Messenger, Cublue (3d led messenger system, internet connect) LED-ART
Quido Sen - Yellow Animal , hanging
Taylor Hokanson - Sledgehammer Keyboard
Daniel Palacios Jimenez - Waves (LV9) visualize vibrations
Niklas Roy - workaholic chair, chair leg saw , dokumat (robotic documentary camera)
Sylvie Fleury - sign art
Keiji Kawashima - time based sculptures
Martin Bonadeo - moebius display
Fernando Orellana - Looking for God (automatically tunes radio and stores snippets)
Michiel van Overbeek - Clock, Pendulum, Harmonics
Markus Lerner/Andre Stubbe  - Outerspace (curoisity activated object)
Bruce Shapiro - Ribon Dancer, Sisyphus, Stratograph
Tim Prentice - Biplane, Tulip
A M Lilly  - Polaris, Parting
Ralf Baecker
Kerstin Ergenzinger
Serina Erfjord
Voldemars Johansons
Diane Morin
Kristoffer Myskja

Thomas Traxler - Idea of a tree (solar activated machines that simulate factors influencing growth of trees AE09)
Dan Rose - Solar powered kinetics
matthew steinke
Herwig Weiser Zgodlocator, zII, liquid computer  (activated magnetic sand, ferrofluids)
Bernie Lubell -  Conservation of Intimacy  (link 2 rooms phiscally so movements and indicators link) ae07
Shih Chieh Huang - RTI (activated household devices)
Al Jarnow - machines, waves, sand structures (exhibits)
Ingrid Bachmann, SYMPHONY FOR 54 SHOES,  Wade
Sergio Dino-Guida   - Plasma art
Jeppe Hein - The Big Mirror Ball
Gregory Garvey - The Automatic Confession Machine **
Olivia Robinson - Oblivious,  Shadow Table
Haou Ishii - Omnipresence (motors ring array of bells) , Firecircle (light/souhnd moving in circle), mandala (lights moving on building)
Rolf Langebartels - Sound balance sculptures  langbeutel/Soundbag (list of artists)
Christopher Robbins (led sign display)
SetPixel (various artists working with interactive water, light, digital, physical devices)
Stephen Boyer - wanderings
Michael Buckler - Art meets Science (Painting / panels with integrated sensors and mechatronics, kinetic and cybernetic objects)
M. R Duffy -  Vocal Memnon. and Solar Thermal Automata  (sound producing machines activated by solar energy 06)

Nicolas Schöffer  - historical cybernetic sculpture
Frank Malina - historical site
Edward Ihnatowicz - Senster  historical cybernetic sculptor
Lazlo Moholy-Nagy
HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen) light  Atteindre le Silence, Interactive Architecture
Art Machines Machine Art show - SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE 
Julio Lucio - Flying Moon (small balloons controlled by array of fans 07)

Kinetic Spectacle / Grafitti / Intervention
Charles Gadeken qbox , burning art, found object activation Power Tool Races
Evan Roth, James Powderly and the agents of the G.R.L - Graffit Research Lab (electronics graffiti on street, throwies)
Adam Somlai-Fischer, Bengt Sjölén - Ping Genius Loci (solar powered interactve kinetic pixels)
Assocreation - Moon Ride (bicyclists generate electricity to illuminate art)
Usman Haque - Open Burble, evolving sonic environments, wifi camera, lowtech ae07

Vehicle scale events, conveyance, objects, playgrounds

Julie Andreyev, Jordan Benwick  - Four wheel drift - (cars as vj environment)
Shu Lea Cheang - Baby Love ( Spinning amusement park teacups with rubber clones linked wirelessly to visitor choices of music)
David Moises - hobby horse, flying carpet, chain saw bicycle
Fred Abels  - Dirk (with Mirjam Langemeijer) , Dicyclet, Ornithopte
Kim Boekhout van Solinge  - Ruissimulatie (projectiles in caravan)
Coby van Tonder - Skatesonic (skateboard interface)
Jessica Thompson - Soundbike  (speed based plays laughter)
Yves Behar - FuseProject - voyage motion sensitive leds
Anne Bray & Molly Cleator - easy chair, electric chair
Carsten Holler - Slides, Flying Machine
Knowbotics Research, - Be Prepared Tiger  (reengineering stealth boat)
Marnix de Nijs, The Beijing Accelerator (viewer rotated trying to concentrate on video)
Roman Signer -Hovering in a Box (scale helicopter)
Edwin van der Heide ,Marnix de Nijs - Push/Pull  (2 hovercraft influence each other)
Dominique Leroy Swell  (visitors can influence ocean buoys)
Tomas Saraceno - Cloud - air device
Rainer Prohaska - Z boat (construct Danube boat)
Simon Morris (activated skateboard)
Ben Blakebrough - Winged Self

Musical Instruments / Toys

Ami Wolf, Jin-Yo Mok -Light Bead Curtain, Irbot
Maywa Denkialt - new instruments, useless products, Tsukuba Music
Don Buchla  - alternative insturments
Koray Tahiroglu, Joni Lyytikainen - SolarDuo (sonification of solar data)
Tod Machover - Tactile Music Toys 
Harddisko - amplify sounds of harddisk

Virtual tables and  walking area instruments
Tina Blaine (aka Bean) - JamoDrum (multiperson virtual table instrument
Benjamin Vigoda, David Merrill, et al  Mandala (table based virutal group musical instrument) 
Sergi Jorda - reacTable instrument  Yuri - alt  
Keiko Takahashi - Diorama Table
Sei Matsumura - Hop Step Junk (footsteps generate music)
Toshio Iwai -  Tenori-on (new music instrument)  Future Sonic 05 talk  -
experimentia  Tableportation -(experiments with tangible media) , Giorgio Olivero and Peggy Thoen - telecommunication connected table
Yasuaki Kakehi, Takeshi Naemura - through the looking glass, Tabescape plus
ixi-software (thor magnuson) - Alternative Instruments and software 07
Unusual Motion
Barney Haynes  - Symbiont, Ceature, Autopsy
Nicolas Anatol Baginsky - Flamenco machines , Lemniskate (slow motion)

Activated Everyday Objects

Takuya Iwamoto et al - Back to the Mouth japanese (mouth odor and breath as interface sig09)
Ai Yoshida et al - Funbrella: Making Rain Fun (let people experience rain in remote places via sounds/vibrations in handle - sig 09)
Trackmate project (open source id markers /web camera system to track objects)
Onomy Labs -
alternative exhibits , twisty tables -- experiemnts in future of reading - originally Xerox PARC
Christopher Bauder, toneLadder - Making midi music with ladders, midigun
Fabrica rinteractive - Tuned stairs
Mark Hauenstein  - Audio Shaker (pour out sound)
takuya Yamauchi and Toru Iwatake - Sound Jewelry  (networked interaction on jewelry) alt
John Mallia - Transcriptions   ( pen with phono needle convert signature to sound)
Armella Leung, Olivier Oswald - The Dreaming Pillow (L'Oreiller Rêveur) (fills with images when lie down) sig08  vid
Elmar Trefz - wave pillow (pillow activates with wave conditions for surfers 07)
HASHIMOTO Yuki, KOJIMA Minoru et al  - Conspiratio  (straw simulate different liquids) Straw-like User Interface (SUI)
Huang Shi - Drift Bottles (bottles store messages)
Sabrina Raaf - dry translator (sound vest respond to touch)
Zachary Lieberman - Drawn (ink shapes become animated )
Hayles Raffle - Jabberstamp, Sound of Touch, Light Puddle
Implement! - Malmo design studies -  Hip to Be Square (physical interface for music), White Lies (secrets in walls) , Xsense (sound converting helmet) , Urban Forest, Re-Memorize
Rafael Marchetti, Fernando Rabelo - Namjunecena  (table based interface)
Keiko Takahashi & Shinji Sasada - Rakugaki (blow on trumpet causes screen change)
Haruki Nishijima - Remain In Light  (butterfly net catch electromagnetic waves)
Camille Utterback - Potent Objects , (respond to position, shaking)
Chris Janney, Performance Architecture
Hiroshi Ishii et. al. (Tangible Media Group ) Pinwheels , Musical Bottles 
Jamie Sheridan - Sandbox
Jeff Mann, Michelle Teran - LiveForm:telekinetics (everyday objects as telecom devices)
Ian Ginilt & Saoirse Higgins - The Star-Dogged Moon  (ship's wheel navigate virtual world)
Amanda Parkes, Hayes Raffle - Topobo (objects record actions)
David Merrill and Hayes Raffle - Sound of touch (recorder react to physical manipulation)
David Small & Tom White - Steams of Concisousness  (pool of water as interface)
Herwig Weiser zgodlocator  (activated magnetic sand, ferrofluids)
Proximity Lab - Footprints (walkable surface respond to rfid chips in shoes)
Usman Haque - Reconfigurable House

Various (under construction)

Stephanie Syjuco - installation - commentary of product culture
Michael Rees - Sculptural User Interface
Mark Thorpe  Robot Wars, Kinetic works
Gelitin - mystery box clone, Otto Volante (roller coaster), Tantamounter 24/7 (conceptual physical copying machine)
Perry Hoberman - main

Paul Demarinis
Marc Böhlen
Heri Dero** 
Bryan Rogers** 

Joseph DeLappe
Tammy Knipp
Jim Pallas
Ken Feingold  ventrilloquist dummy conversations
Daniel Jolliffe
Doug Back
Eric Hobijn  fire organs, self-immolation
Loretta Skeddle - The CyberRosary
Jason Ditmars 
Norman White
Donald Day
Daniel Miller

Raina Ho - Free Range Appliances, inflatables 
Martin Riches - Talking Machine
Prohaska, Saegmueller, Demblin - Unplugger, KRFTWRK (human energy conversion )

Organic / Kinetic assemblage

Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang and Shen-Guan Shih - MSOrgm (Motivational Sensitive Organism)  (robot plant responds via movement and facial recognition - Sig09)
Xárene Eskandar - Artifacts from a Parallel Universe: Tentative Architecture of Other Earth_Coastline Inhabitants (clothing breathe, mimic organic) Sig09
Angelo Vermeulen - Biomodd (sculpture integrating ecology, games, and bioart. Heat from processors recycled for organic)
Philip Beesley, Rob Gorbet - Hylozoic Soil - coral like growth, shape metals, diffuse peristaltic pumping, acrylic fern like growth - LV08, Sig09
James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Alex Zivanovic, Trevor Harvey, Reino Unido - Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots - Furniture that traps mice & insects - LV08
Guto Nobrega -  BEAM (acronym for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics
Andy Gracie - Deep Data - microbes optimized for deep space exploration combine  ai pattern recognition with data from deep space probes - LV08
Guto Nobrega - BEAM (acronym for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics) 
Jennifer Hall and Blyth Hazen - Laboratory for ephemeral investigations, art/biology , Acupunture For Temporal Fruit
Val Valgardson  organic/kinetic assemblage
Amy Youngs  organic/kinetic  art/biology
Wim Delvoye - Cloaca   main site (Digestive system simulation)
Pascal Glissman en Martina Hoefflin - Electronic Life Forms (ELF)
Shih Chieh Huang - EX-DD-06  - electronic assemblage simulate life
Rubin Coen Cagli  - MachineAria (plants with grafted fans)
Andy Gracie - Hostprods (robot & insect, robot & fish)
Natalie Jeremijenko,  Phil Taylor - For the Birds (Robot live with Birds), For the Fish 
John S. Lathram III  - Synthetic_Soul, Televisuality for Xenia,The Reader, Music for Twelve Trees (trees as interface)
xncroft. - Energy Harvesting Drive (harvest energy from walking)

web/Internet Physical Linkages
MHarwood, Wright, Yokokoji - Tantalum Memorial (historic telephone switch installation activated by calls among Congo community - AE09)
Julian Oliver - Level Head (cube with interconnected rooms manipulated by position - AE08)
Ben Rubin - Story Pipeline (LED stories), Spin, Listening Post
Rafael lozano-hemmer 33 questions per minute(lcd screens on columns -web visitors submit questions), entanglement (linked lights), Vectoral Elevation (web control spotlights)
nu-k-ke (networked dolls, stabbing calls up images from network- beloff, lindinger, praxmarer)
Assocreation.Creative Bump (physical bridge transmitting actions between places)
Nurit Bar-Shai,Zachary Lieberman, Rich Miller - Nothing happens (web people activate physical object play)
Fabric | Ch 07  (information systems and architecture)

Alternative Physical Displays

Masato Sekine et al - Texmoca (display generated in smoke sig09)
Himanshu Khatri  - Aquaplay (bubble based display)
Daniel Rozin- Wooden Mirror, Trash Mirror
Marenka Deenstra, Jonathan den Breejen - Pingpongpixel ( ball based display)
Aram Bartholl - TV-Filter (average pixels to light display), Papierpixel (punch card control pixels)
Tomoko Ueyama - Watashi-chan   (balloon clothing respond ambient sound)
Adam Somlai-Fischer, Bengt Sjölén - Aether Architecture - Ping Genius Loci (kinetic physical blocks each = pixel)
Masahiro Nakamura - Bubble Cosmos
César Martínez.,  David Cuartielles - Idealized Body  (inflates when people near)
Masahiko Inami - Virutal Object  (lcd cube)
Julien Maire  -  Exploding Camera (disassembled mini projectors)
John Klima - Terrain (physical shape of screen respond to image on it)

Unusual forces,  materials, and displays

Gregory Shakar  mood vector  Energy Fluxion Band, Lightning Organ, Undertoe
Jean Pierre Hebert - Sand Trace
Eric Orr - Tesla sculpture

Physical Gesture, Tangible Interfaces

Yuichiro Kojima et al - Pull-Navi (navigational system indicates directions by pulling on ears - sig09)
John Slepian -
little_one  (infant like 3-d screen creature respond to holding, etc)
Corebounce Art Collective  - Digital Marionette
Cobi van Tonder - Skatesonic,  Ephemeral Gumboots (physical interfaces)
Kaffee Matthews,Annette Works  - Music for Bodies,  sonic furniture (direct interface to body, effects of vibrations on body)
Kumiko Kushiyama et al - Thermoesthesia (projected image thermal match)  Fur-Fly ( sensors & projects Sig09)
Daphna Talithman, Sharon Younger, Ornaprojec Portugaly - Jumping Rope
Douglas Edric Stanley - abstract machine (virtual marionette control)
experimentia  (experiments with tangible media)
Times Up - SPIN - Spherical Projection INterface
Frank Fietzek - Tafel2 (monitor moving on grid)
daniela Steinsapir - Abracadabra (stamp based interface), recycled junk works

Suveillance, Motion

Rafael lozano-hemmer   Homographies (motion activated lights show paths) , Vectoral Elevation (web control spotlights),  standards & doublestandards (belts follow people)
Matt and Susan Gorbet - Drake Hotel Project  (activity levels affect lights & meters)

Jed Berk - Autonomous Light Air Vehicles  (LV07)
Marko Peljhan, Samo Stopar, Nejc Trost, Dan Overholt -  C-ASTRAL

Open Culture - DIY

Zachary Lieberman,  Theodore Watson
Open Frameworks (coding platorm for interactive installations AE08)
Opensource innovation
Burak Arikan, Vincent Leclerc - Pinkie Platform
Kelly Heaton - Fashionista (reconfigured tickle me elmos)
Casey Reas, Ben Fry - Processing (artitis coding language)
Tommaso Tozzi - hacker art   alt
Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Katherine Moriwaki -DIY Urban Challenge 
John Richards - DIY Music devices
Burak Arikan, Vincent Leclerc - Open I/O
Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Katherine Moriwaki - DIY Urban Challenge
James Powderly,  Evan Roth - Graffiti Research Lab
Usman Haque, Adam Somlai-Fischer - Low tech wiki for artists and architects
Make Magazine
ambidextrous magazine
graffitir esearch lab (throwies etc)
f18 - ikit (moving robot  playground)
Tuomo Tammenpää & Daniel Blackburn - TileToy (modular led displays for physical games)
Craig Baldwin- Sonic Outlaws

Art and Robotics Links (Arg)
Critical Art Ensemble Contestational Robotics 
Darkbots  - (people doing strange things with electricity)  Karen Marcello
 Art and Robotics Group - ARG
Kinetic Art Organization
Black Arts foundation (Burning Man)
Stedelijk Museum, - Robot show 
Artbots     Artbots2002 , Artbots 2005 ,  Artbots 2008 
Robotrinka exhibition
We Make Money Not Art
Active Robots catalog (uk) 
robtoics society
 engadget site  (robots & culture)
RoboDock - multimachine games
Robotics Network
artbots - robot talent show
Roboexotica - participating artists (festival for cocktail robots)
Kinetic Art Organization 
ctricity, art systems development, srl
Device Art Group   Machiko Kusahara paper  
Art & Robotics group
Humanoid Robotics Lab   
Austin Robot Group
Kontakty robot links

Wade Marynowsky - autonomous mutations - Robot art blog
schirn-kunsthalle show - Art Machines Machine Art

Simon Penny  - Petit Mal
Nicolas Anatol Baginsky - The Three Sirens (self actuated robot band) , Quasis (handicapped robots)
Yves Klein  alt site  Living Sculptures, Octofungi
Ken Rinaldo  Autopoesis, Augmented Fish Reality
William Tomlinson - ethical autonomous creatures 
Beatriz DA COSTA   Cello
Markus Lerner, Andre Stubbe - Outerspace  (curiosity motivated object)
Techart Group (AI Republic)  - Office Live (self activated equipment event),  Clean River (pick up trash affect projected stream) , Fascinating Blooming in Champagne III Pub (urination affect digital flowers)
Gil Weinberg, Scott Driscoll, Travis Thatcher- Haile Project (robot musician generates music based on analysis of human music)
Martina Haitz  - Intruder (mobile  open system robots ) , Vertigo, real_game
Bill Seaman  - ThoughtBody Environment, (conceptual installations on feasibility of organic robot)
Lucas Bambozzi - Spio (roomba gather images in gallery 05)

Extending Robotic Motion and Interfaces
 Chico MacMurtie and Amorphous Robot Works - Skeletal Reflections, Amorphic Landscape Robotic Musicians, Telerobotics
Louis-Philippe Demers - (Processing - Plant)  Devolution, Colony 002,
robotlab (Matthias Gommel, Martina Haitz, Jan Zappe) - bios [bible] (industrial robot programmed to calligraphically write the bible - AE09)
Ulrike Gabriel  Terain 01 (solar powered robots - brainwave)* 
Martin Spanjaard Adelbrecht 
Nick Donaldson - Hexapods Robots 
Carl Pisaturo  -  Reaper, Octopus , Serpentine Arm
Cynthia Breazeal - sociable robots , Kismet, Leonardo,
BBM Product of Society (control via yelling and shouting)
Stephen Wilson      Demon Seed
Ricardo Iglesias y Gerald Kogler  - Robot Community
Jill Coffin and John Taylor - Breeze (willow tree)
Paula Gaetano Adi  - Alexitimia  (LV9) object models emotions in  touch and wet response
 Festo AG & Co - Airacuda
ndy gracie/ Brian Lee Yung Rowe - autoinducer_Ph-1 (cross cultural chemistry of rice-  LV9) bacteria control robots which control environment
Simon Penny & Bill Vorn - Bedlam (telepresence activated robotic, sometimes autonomous  prostheses mediate interactions between remote actors)
f18 - walking head robot, prosthesis
I-Wei Huang - Steambots
Lara Greene - ApeBot **?(puppet inspired robot)  alt  , You Move Me (6 people must control) 
Theo Jansen - alt - Strandbeest (wind powered animal robots) 
bbm-ww -  Nanobots  (robots on ceiling respond to people below)
Leonel Moura - Robotarium (zoo of artifical life)
Kelly Dobson - OMO (breathing robot respond to human touch/breathing) lv10
Electric Giraffe

Robotic Architecture (see also activated spaces in compute)

Performative Ecologies - kinetic objects, sensors, ai agents - detect viewers - artificial biology DE07
HeHe - Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen - Interactive archi\tecture   alt
Ted Krueger  MAXM (extrme enviornment simulator)
usman haque - reconfigurable house
Philip Beesley with Diane Willow - Orpheus Filter, Orgone Reef  (living skins, sensor meshes)

ASU Motion Analysis Lab/Intelligent Stage
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC)
Concordia Smart Stage (Montreal)**

Michael Fox   Robotecture  MIT Kinetic Design Group  Bubbles Project   Bubbles alt 
Chemical Garden (robots, web cams, crystals)
f18 - Drop Outs
Interactive Architecture Workshop
Daan Roosegaarde/Peter de Man - 4D-Pixel Interactive Wall  (react to voice)
BBM - Troia (interactive theater/architecture)
Lawrence Malstaf  - Nevel  (programmable walls)
Interactive Architecture Blog
Robot Painters

Joseph Nechvatal  main site , Robotic Paintings
leonel moura - Robot Action Painter, swarm painters
Harold Cohen- Aaron main  lnks2
douglas irving repetto - giant painting machine
Stefan Doepner -  Robot Painter 0.1
Eva Sutton and Sarah Hart - Sumi-ebot (drawing robot)
Jrg Lehni & Uli Franke - Hektor (wall painting robot) 
Carlos Corpa - Artis 3.0,  APM (Another Paintting Machine)
Eric Newman - DrawBot
Ranjit Bhatnagar   - Sketching Device
Fernando David Orellana - Drawing Machine
max hangler - robot painter
michael buckler - art meets science (link painting with materials/thematics  of science/technology - mechatronics)

Destruction, Mayhem
Survival Research Labs  stable & mobile machines, telerobotics, dangerous machines
Robot Wars
Christian Ristow  (robots explore Sex and Death, MoneyHate, and the  Demise of Humanity)
Erik Hobjin  v2 link     technoparasite link - Dante Organ, Chemo-bar, Tactile Machine
Seemen - audience control, flames, bio-input
leonel moura - Dada 2.O  - destructive robot
Experimental Interaction Unit
People Hater Group** alt
Spiral Tribe** 
Mutoid Waste Company**
Chip Flynn** , Kimric Smythe **

Robotic Theatre, Dance, Performance,
Louis-Philippe Demers - (Robotic Performance, Lighting) ,
Adrianne Wortzel - telerobotics, eliza, archipleago, Camouflage Town
Wolfgang Hilbert  - Pinocchio
Åsa Unander-Scharin - Petrusjka's Cry and Choreographics  (LV9) activated puppet
Doug Hamby Dance - Dance with Robots
Frank Garvey - Omnicircus   Carnegie Melon - Center for Robotic and Synthetic Performance
International Robotics Effects Robots
Robot Performers - mechanical mimes etc
Jeff Burns - Pano of Light **
Bootmatrix   Heddatron (performance robots)
Istvan Kantor - The Great Robotic Machinery Rebellion (robotic file cabinet  linked to sexual motion)
Ana Cappelluto - DMX-Cam computer controlled lights for  Performance
Mikko Hynninen   Studio Adk  (activate lights, stage machinery, opera with no performers)
David Birchfield - LighttMotive (organisms with light generators )
Ullanta Robot Theatre
Margo K. Apostolos  Robots and Dance
Adrianne Worrtzel - Eliza Redux (telerobotic psychoanalyst)
London Fieldworks - Hibernator: Prince of Petrified Forest
Social Metaphor
Bill Vorn  - Hysterical Machines, Red Light, Bedlam, Cours de Miracles (some work collaborate Demers)
Kenji Yanobe  main (Japanese) - Rocking Manmouth, Giant Taroyan Command Device, Survival System
Norman White    Helpless Robot   article
Jessica Field - Maladjusted Ecosystem - 4 interdependent robots LV08
5voltcore, Emanuel Andel - -knife sent between fingers space - influenced by skin conductance  -LV08. DE07
Yasushi Noguchi, Hideyuki Ando - Watch Me (abrupt movement teddy bear placed in public space - movies of passersby reactions is recorded AE09)
Saso Sedlacek - Beggar Robot - LV08
Tarcisio Lucas, Emiliano Causa, Matías Romero (proyectobiopus) - Sobra La Falta - 2 robots build out of trash and then clean up - LV08
Rodrigo Derteano - Ciudad Nazca - small robot tractors draw imaginary city in earth to be viewed from above like Nazca lines - AI simulate city growth - GPS - LV08
Fank Garvey  - Omnicircus
Paul Granjon  - sexed robot, smartbot,ctc, robot machine
Ken Feingold -  You (dialog based robots)
Istvan Kantor, main  - Intercourse, performance & robotics
Institute for Applied Automony
ahaag and chip.kali Roving Walter 
Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen
thomas tkvam  frode oldereid - Machi ne Project, robots & film
Playground Robotics - Jan Cummerow, Stefan Doepner,Gwendolin Taube, Joachim Schütz, Lars Vaupel, Andres Bosshard, Stelarc
Erwin Driessens, Maria Verstappen (NotNot)   - Breed, Tickle  Etickle (alife robot crawl on body)
Fernando David Orellana - Unending Enclosure , 8520 s.w. 27th pl  (2 headed rodents search environment differently)
France Cadet - Dog [Lab]01 (manipulated dog robots)  alt
Andy Gracie - Hostprods (robot & insect, robot & fish), Samplebot (record sound of its own walking)
Chris Csikszentmih·lyi - Afghan explorer - robot reporter - DJ I, Robot
Carlos Corpa / Ana María García Serrano - PaCo – Poeta Automático Callejero Online (Spanish)  Vida 7.0 (wheelchair robot poet tied to web)
Tamara STONE  Are You Afraid of Dogs
Natalie Jeremijenko,  Phil Taylor - For the Birds (Robot live with Birds), Feral Robot Dogs  (Pollution sensing dogs)
Fur - Tilman REIFF Volker MORAWE - Mr. Punch   alt
Times Up / Humanoid Robot Lab  Bar Bot
Christoph Bartneck - Social Robotics - Emuu
Robbert Smit & Graham Smith - Telemoby  robot hooked to Internet
Bjoern Schuelke - solar, surveillance robots
leonel moura - Robot Action Painter,  Robotarium
Fernando Orellana - 8520 S.W. 27th Pl. v.2 (robot rodents movements)
Michiel van Overbeek - Nazarenos (4 robots carry religious icon through streets) 
Peter Dittmer  - Die Amme_5 (AI responds with filling glasses, squirting, speech) 
Mari Velonaki   alt sitei - fish-bird, pincushion -   alt site   beap06
Jim Whiting  - Bimbo Town, Unnatural Bodies
Clayton Bailey  - static robot sculptures
Gordon Bennett - static robot sculptures
Ann P Smith - static robot animal sculptures
My Robot Friend (man in robot suit generating music )
Shiftz - Barbot (challenges to technology)
Burning Man Festival 
Glowbots (modular self organizing Sig 07)
PASCAL GLISSMANN & MARTINA HÖFFLIN - ELF - electronic life forms

  Activated Objects, Mixed Reality, Tangible Interfaces, Virtual/Physical Connections

Steve Wison - Web survey of artists exploring activated objects 

Force Feedback Environments

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau  - nanoscape  (force feedback sculpture)
Fur   - Pain Station (force feedback helmet -Volker Morawe, Tilman Reiff  )
, Mr. Punch, Furminator (force feedback pinball),  Disc-O-Slam
Times up - sensory circus, Gravitron, Sonic Pong, Moodswings (force feeback, haptic control environments)
Museum of Pure Form (museum visitors experience sculpture via force feedback)
Douglas Edric Stanley, Asymtope  (virtual marionette manipulated with force feedback)
Rebecca Allen - Bush Soul   (haptic represenation of energy fields) 
Simon Schiessl - Haptic Opposition (object with moody force resistance), Mechanism #1 (wind up toy release bomb sounds), Mechanism # 2 (wind up siren generate ai created sounds of crowd fleeing with saoirse Higgins)
Tom Froese - Enactive Torch (translate visual into haptic info 07)

Shows, conferences, blogs
Doors of Perception - Flow (pervasive computing conference)
Future Now (physical computing site)
space & place ( list of activated tables) 
Satou Tokuhisa, Masa Inagake - Urchin
Mixed Reality art show

Activated Objects/ Mixed Reality

Exonemo - Object B (first person 3-d shooting game - robotic objects affect the characters -DE07)
Chris Sugrue - Delicate Boundaries (digital light bugs crawl off wall onto bodies - LV 07)
Pablo Valbuena - Augmented Sculpture  (physical architectural models changed by virtual projected imagery - AE08)
Workspace Unlimited - Common Grounds - Physical/Virtual space reachable from many places - DE07
Marnix de Nijs - EI4 - Exercise in Immersion 4 - viewers where helmets that mix physical and virtual worlds based on movement  DE07
Usman Haque and Adam Somlai-Fischer - reconfigurable house (activated house, visitors can activate)
C. Chaplin, Hillary Mushkin, S.E. Barnet - Mario's Furniture (Game participants moving of furniture is tracked)
 Perry Hoberman  - Cathartic User Interface (&Nick Philips) Bar Code Hotel, TimeTable -Systems Maintenance , main site
Joseph Michael  Holodeck  (vr helmets and shape morphing objects)
AOKI Takafumi kobito- Virtual Brownies (manipulate objects affect virtual world)
Miyibara, Mika, Ugimoto Tatsuo -Movie Cards  (manipulate cards edit digital movies)
Perry Hoberman - Trusted Makes (manipulatable cans with signs projected)
Martin Riches  - Interactive Field, (activated sculptural shapes)
Kaeko Murata,Eiji Yamauchi Fisherman's Cafe (Japanese)  alt  (table with projected fish respond to real object movement)
Giorgio Olivero and Peggy Thoeny - Tableportation (objects moved on table as interface)
ART+COM (in collaboration with Hürlimann + Lepp Ausstellungen) - Floating Numbers table   (touch projected  numbers lead to video)
Motoshi Chikamori & Kyoko Kunoh minim++ - Kage  
Georg Ritter - Autodrome  (bumper cars intersect virtual and physical world)
Masaki Fujihata - Beyond Pages , Inter actions  main (old 2001)   main (Japanese)  off-sense (networked avatars)
Toshio Iwai - Music plays images x Images Play MusicViolin ~ Image of String Composition on the Table   main site (not current)   Future Sonic 05 talk  - tenori-on (new music instrument)
Marnix de Jijs - Exercise in Immersion
foAm - trg (transient reality generators) TGarden ,  txOom
Ashok Sukumaran - main  Park View Hotel alt (people light up hotel rooms - and lightposts in plaza - lights follow path) ae07
Julien Maire - Digit (hands make images appear) ae07
Ted Krueger  Media augmented exercise machines
Golan Levin  Scrapple (objects on table interpreted as  musical notation)
John Klima - Train (virtual train controlled by cell phones, passengers, conversations on the cell phone)
Dirk Eijsbouts - Interface #4 TFT Tennis V180  (physical interfaces to games)
Activated Objects/ Mixed Reality (cont)

Kumiko Kushiyama - Hide-and-Seek   (video monitor find objects hidden)
Smart Studio, Interactive Institute / Servo -  The Responsive Field of Lattice Archipelogics
Keith Roberson - Litt;l Havoc  (shopping cart video reveals virtual world based on poistion)
Maxime Lecours  -  Little table (previous people leave virtual traces)
Mary Flannagan - Career Moves (manipulating game pieces activates aural dialog on women in workplace)
Laura Beloff  Markus Decker - HAME alt site ( sculptural objects with projection and interactive jacket)  
Guan Hong Yeoh  - The H.E.A.R.T of Stone  alt  (movement of stones activates images)
Stephen Wilson - Body Surfing (beating on drum and stretching control media)
Studio Arrouci Tamburi  (touching drums controls media)
Pamela Jennings - Constructed Narratives  (physical objects linked to narrative) 
Nigel Helyer - Naughty Apartment , Fictionalising Fiction! (objects with embedded sound)
Thomas Kienzl - MRI (Mixed Reality Interface)
Tatsuo Yotsukura, Shigeo Morishima, Frank Nielsen, Kim Binsted and Claudio S. Pinhanez  - HyperMask (project heads onto masks)
Scott Fisher - Linking Virtual Environments to the Physical World
Mulitimind - Jan Edler project [desktop]  (mixed reality viewing device)
Chris Sugrue - Delicate Boundarie lv10 (digital bugs leave screen to go on body)
Cati Vaucelle - haptic devices and toys  alt

Niel Gershenfeld-MIT Media Lab- bits and atoms activated objects , Activated Museum Project
R banks - technology trends natural user interface links
MIT- Object Based Media (physical respresenttation of data - tokens)
R Banks - Trends in Natural Interface list.
olga kisseleva - Fitness Art Centre (exercise machine interface to digital material)
Jonathan Bachrach, Vickery - Doubledevo

Kinetic Instruments, Sound Installation, Industrial
Sound Installations

Yuri Suzuk -  The Physical Value of Sound (sculputres where record technology is reconfigured to create sound - AE09)
Jens Brand - Red Psi Donkey (array of piezo speakers create standing wave image  sensed by acoustic camera - disaapear with person AE09)
Paul Magee - Chorus (replace sentence structure with singing) sig08
mikko hynninen - Theatre# (composition with sounds of empty theatre AE08)
Edwin van der Heide - Pneumatic Sound Field - DE07
Cheth Rowe - A Reward-Driven Process for Local, Noospheric, and Computational Detection  of Stochastic Deviation Fields
Ed Osborn  - Cline, sidewinder, harvester, video
Bill Fontana  - landscape sculptures, falling echoes, pigeon soundings, speeds of time
Nigel Hilyer    - Swarm, Lotus, Audio Nomad, Genemusik, Theorem, Naughty Aparment (3-d, solar, sound ecology, sound activated by inspection) l
Shawn Decker Night Sounds  alt
Nick Collins: Table de Seance**
Ron Kuivila -  v2 site listing  -  Twilight of the second hand  Outgoing messages, Making the World Safe for Piezoelectricity (watch desynchronization),Fast Feet, Slow Smoke (speech synthesis)
David Byrne - Playing the building 
David Birchfield, David Lorig, Kelly Phillips - Sustainable (closed water gong distribution system)
Artificiel - condemned_bulbes (amplified hum of bulbs)
Luke Jerram - Tunnel vision  (train position installation)
Felix Hess - semi autonomous sound machines , Light as Air (air pressure & lights affect sound), Parrots
Gordon Monahan Aeolian Chimney, Therimin in the Rain, Speaker Swinging
Peter Bosch and Simone Simons - Aguas Vivas, Krachtgever
Bill & Mary Buchen Sonic architecture
Knowbotics Research, - Anonymous Muttering , Passion (street sweeper plays sounds of protest)
John Duncan - The Crackling, Grotto, Garden
Edwin van der Heide  - sound modulated light ( visualize wave forms ) Pneumatic Sound Field (create sound wind), Spatial Sounds (100dB at 100km/h), push pull, radioscope
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller - cell block pandaemonium
Yunchul Kim  - Hello, world!  (sound memory stored in circulation in pipes)
Jessica Thompson  - Soundbike
Douglas Irving Repetto  - Electromechanical Mandala, Slowscan Soundwave, puff bang reverb, Molto Lento
Stephen Vitiello - Sound Objects/Open
Richard Lerman  Piezo audio installations
 Space, Nottoway River, Slow Wave to Climb (speakers in space, recordings of processes)
Toshiya Tsunoda - Monitor Unit for Solid Vibration
Mark Bain - building resonance
Hiroki Nishino - Oberhausen Requiem (play inside large gas tank
Augmented sound performance

Maubrey -Audio Ballerinas
Gil Kuno, - Six String Sonics (one string to each band memberf)
Shosei Oishi, Masayuki Akamatsu, Kazuki Saita,  Katsuhiko Harada - Breadboard Band
Ken Furudate  - Sine Wave Orchestra (audience build sound from sin waves
Bucket Butt - air guitar
Conceptual, sound events

Jodi Rose - The Global Bridge Symphony - IS08 (global collection of oscillation sounds from bridges)
Markus Kison- Touched Echo (sound of air raids conducted to ear via elbow - AE08)
Justin Bennett - Shotgun Architecture (map buildings by acoustic analysis of gunshot 08)
Roman Kirschner  Ohrwurmbeschleuniger (microwave activated sounds)  Roots (crystal decay activated sound)
Nicolai Carsten Frozen Water, Snow Noise, Not-sound
Sabrina Raaf- Unstoppable Hum 
William Louis Sørensen - soundguns
Thomas Charveriat - Light Creates Sound, Sonorous + Sonanos (game narrative), Free 2 Talk (sms based event), Inmersión sonora (fm radios), Telephones (sound synthesis on sex line)
alyce santoro - sonic fabric (use of audio tape in clothes - audible)
N[ ]EX (wooden blocks generate sound through tracking spread in city, wireless signals)
Ge Wang and Perry R. Cook - On-the-Fly Counterpoint (code as instrument)
Yuko Mohri, Soichiro Mihar -c.i.p (accoustics of a place)
Minoru Sato, Toshiya Tsunoda  - Finding of a State of Light, Sound Extraction
Akitsugu Maebayashi - Sonic Interface, Radio (environmental sound on radio), Window [I/O] distant place
Jeff Talman - Soundspaces  (recording the intrinsic sound of spaces)
Luca Gemma - Life Support Machine
Ichiro Fujinaga -  (MAPP) Image-to-audio conversion of phonograph records
Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson, Dugal Mckinnon - Gastarbeiter  (sound, air, light visualization of the subsonic)
Fur - Earworms (sound based assault weapons)
Barbara Musil  Alert  (reprogram car alarms)
Debra Swack 95 Variable Chimes (sounds linked to physic theory)
mathew butrner - sound directly from radio waves
Scott Arford - infrasound
Thomas Köner - Banlieue du Vide  (webcameras, noise, traces)
Usman Haque -  Evolving Sonic Environments  (represent pattern of people)
Jost Muxfeldt - Audio Kinematics,
geert jan hobjin - ultrasound therapy (each person subjected to consumer device made sounds)
Timo Kahlen - Radio wave/physical installations
Susan Collins - Spectrascope (update spectral images and infrasound)
Naut Humon - recombinant media labs
Ulf Langheinrich - Modell 5 (granular synthesis affect sound/image)
Tanja Vujinovic - Exstat/ Discrete events in noisy domains
Rafael Lozano Hemmer - Microphone (microphone play back last persons recording)
Don Ritter - Intersection - simulate roads with cars


Sound Machines

JooYoun Paek - Fold Loud (folding generates sound) sig08
Barry Schwartz 
Robotrinka  - EMAF show  electrical spectacles
Matt Heckert  - sound machines, birds
Maxime De La Rochefoucauld - concerts of music making machines & lights
Soundless Music (infrasound) 
Lemur - League of Electronic Music Urban Robots
David Webber   - Automation Orchestra, Language Extension (everyday devices used as instruments)
Godfried-Willem Raes - sound making machines links
Jane Henry - Arrowbows (bows made from various objects)
Kazhuhiro Jo - AEO (gesture activated globe)
Dennis de Bel - Associative Audio Design (physical computing sound devices) sig08

Organizations, Links

Michael Una - Sound Suit
Workshop on Sonic Interaction Design
23five organziation Alternative musician links
Cadre Switch - sound artists list 
Sonic Circuits
rhythm and noise
Autechre  &&&&&
Aphex Twin & Chris Cunningham
Infrasound Collective
Acousmatic - music objects, spacial sound 
Schizophrenia site - sound installation links
Soundsite - links and texts
Leif Brush list of links** 
Sound museum
Simply the best sound page
InventMusic - new insruments MIT Media lab
AudioMastermind list of art & sound projects
Crazy Instrument Site (German)
Oddmusic instruments
Sound Toys - sergi-jorda
Binaural (Portugal)
XEBEC SoundCulture
Experimental musical instruments site
Steim organization - research on instruments
Australian sound design project (sound in public space) 
Future of Sound

Net Noise (ctheory multimedia - Akuvido, Simon Biggs, YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES,
Shu Lea Cheang, Takuji Kogo (Candy Factory), Christina McPhee, MEZ, Plasma Studii, Michal Sellam, Zvonka Simcic, Tanja Vujinovic, Jody Zellen)

** indicates dead or missing link
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