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The eleven games in the game book are the first published examples of a new generation of card games that use the special ZByte suits as they are defined, not just as four abstract symbols. If the following descriptions of ZByte suits seem too complicated, play some of the sample games that feature specific suits. Their functions will soon be obvious and not as complicated as you might think now.

AND cards may be played with other cards permitting them to be combined or activated logically if they are similar or match each other as defined by the game.

OR cards may be played with other cards permitting one card's numerical value or suit to be changed or activated logically if it alone meets game criteria.

NOT cards may alter the value or suit of a played card to its opposite, to a reverse value, or to anything-but!

BYTE cards are played to define a temporary condition; to set a meld size or numerical limit; or to clone, copy, duplicate, or store a (memory) value or suit as defined by the game.

The ZByte deck will provide you with hours of entertainment and education as you explore the fundamentals of computers and basic logic.

The games in the game book are not, by any means, the most exciting ones that could be invented. And the rules of these eleven sample games probably can be improved. New games and new rules are encouraged, and I would like to hear about them.

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