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The ZByte deck may be used for playing any card game. It contains 52 cards and two jokers with two black suits and two red suits, each suit with a conventional sequence from ace to king. Therefore, you may use the ZByte deck for playing traditional Solitaire, Poker, Gin Rummy, Black Jack--in fact, any game listed in Hoyle or Scarne. The only difference is the four new suit symbols: the NOT suit, the AND suit, the OR suit and the BYTE suit.

These ZByte suits are simple to recognize and their short names easy to memorize. While they are shaped similar to important international symbols of Boolean logic and digital computing, they do not change any of the rules of traditional games. You will be surprised how quickly you adapt to them.

For example, try playing any traditional game of Solitaire. After a few minutes of playing, you will find yourself completely comfortable with these new suits. Although not required in Solitaire, practice saying out loud the suit name of each card as you play. This exercise will help you memorize these names before playing ZByte games.

But, whether or not you know the names or the functions of the suits, they are as simple to separate and use as traditional 500-year-old playing card suits. Any game described in Hoyles may be played with the ZByte 52-card deck.

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