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Card layout for sample game
The mathematical heart of all computers is binary arithmetic. The goal of this Solitaire game is to match a "goals" layout of four binary numbers with four suites of binary bits of the same suits. The four suites are built to match the "goals" layout in classic Solitaire tradition.

First. the ZByte deck for this game should be reduced to 40 cards, ace through ten, of the four suits. All court cards and jokers are removed. After shuffling the deck, make a layout of four cards, one of each suit, in a vertical column on the right side of the table. These are found by turning one card at a time from the top of the stock with suit duplicates placed immediately on the bottom of the stock. When finished, the layout reveals the four binary numbers that become the goals for the building of four bit suites. Note that only the binary numbers and suits are important in the "goals" layout.

Cards are dealt from the stock to a wastepile in sweeps of three at a time with only one redeal allowed (or none for a tougher game). The only elements of importance are the suits and their bits as shown. Cards of the proper suit and proper bit of "0" or "1" may be played only from right to left, i.e., from a binary number system's least-significant-bit column (units) to its most-significant-bit column (eights).

This example shows a successful completion of all four columns for three suit rows, i.e., the OR, NOT, and BYTE suit goals. An AND card with the binary bit of "0" was not found for the eights column of the AND suit goal.

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