Environmental Ethics
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I originally constructed this web site primarily for the benefit of the students in my classes at San Francisco State University, from which I am now retired. (I am currently a research professor at the Institute for World Religions in Berkeley, California.) I am leaving the site online in the hope that people will still find it to be useful. All of the material is copyrighted. Permission is granted for individual, single copy, personal use only. Please send suggestions, corrections, broken links, and inquiries about other use of the materials to me at epstein@sfsu.edu.



Topics in Applied Environmental Ethics:

Environmental Information

Envirolink Community
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly
Environmental Resources on the World Wide Web
Library of Congress Subject Headings for Environmental Sources

Ethics Information

Ethics Updates
"Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy" by Robert Cavalier

Environmental Ethics Information

International Society for Environmental Ethics
Environmental Ethics (Journal)
Environmental Ethics & Public Policy Program
Environmental Ethics Electronic Resource Guide
Environmental Ethics Syllabus Project
"A Very Brief History of the Origins of Environmental Ethics for the Novice"
"A General Statement of the Tragedy of the Commons" by Herschel Elliott
"Why Prometheus Suffers: Technology and the Ecological Crisis"
   by Albert A. Anderson
"I Enjoy Being a Virus" by Jon Carroll

Topics in Applied Environmental Ethics:

Environmental Effects of War

Yahoo Directory: Environmental Impacts of War
Afghanistan War and Environment Archive

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers (Website)


Nanotechnology: Ethics, Environment and Health (Website)


Cloning Bibliography of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Resource Allocation

"Do We Consume Too Much?" by Mark Sagoff
Resource Needs and Allocation
Consumption and the Environment

Animals and Vegetarianism

Buddhist Resources on Vegetarianism and Animal Welfare
"A Buddhist Perspective on Animal Rights" by Ron Epstein
"Mad over Beef" by Marc Lappé, Ph.D and Britt Bailey
"Ethics Updates: Animal Rights and Welfare"
"How to Win an Argument with a Meat-Eater"

Air and Water Pollution

"Our Stolen Future"
"Generations at Risk"
"Fear in the Fields: How Hazardous Wastes Become Fertilizer" Pt. One
"Fear in the Fields: How Hazardous Wastes Become Fertilizer" Pt. Two
"The Feeding Frenzy of a Morphing `Cell From Hell'"
"Human Breast Milk is Contaminated"
Air Pollution
Water Rights and Water Pollution
"Pollution and the Environment: Some Radically New Ancient Views." by Dr Ron Epstein


Greenpeace: Nuclear Campaign Website
Committee for Nuclear Responsibility

Ozone Crisis and Global Warming

Greenpeace: Ozone Crisis
Letter From The End or the World: Ultraviolet Crisis Worsens
Arctic Ozone Hole Appears

Population and the Environment

Human Population Growth and the Environment
"Beyond Malthus: Sixteen Dimension of the Population Problem"


Selected Sources-Women, Environment and Development

Indigenous Peoples

Third World Network
"What Chief Seattle Really Said"

Spirituality and the Environment

"The Inner Ecology: Buddhist Ethics and Practice" by Ron Epstein
 "Pollution and the Environment: Some Radically New Ancient Views" by Ron Epstein
"Environmental Issues: A Buddhist Perspective." by Ron Epstein

Teaching Children about Environmental Ethics
These links have been provided by Ann Hempleman (ahemplemann@earthlink.net).

Environmental Literacy Council

Schoolyard Ecology Leader's Handbook
North American Association of Environmental Education
Green Schools
UNESCO: Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future

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