The Via Consolare Project in Pompeii  
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San Francisco State Archaeological Internships
with the Via Consolare Project in Pompeii

The Via Consolare Project brings together a small group of professional archaeologists, PhD candidates, and graduate students in a collaborative research environment. The opportunity exists for few student interns to participate each year and contribute to our research programme, gaining first hand experience in the conduct of active, on-site investigation and training in cutting-edge archaeological techniques. Interns may come from any University in any nation, but research in Pompeian or Roman archaeology, history, art history or a related subfield is expected to form the centre of their future academic goals. Though not funded, the internships provide training in field methodology and practice including primary recording, excavation, finds recovery and interpretation. Interns gain experience through participation as full members of the Project and contribute actively to its goals, research, daily life, and community.

The costs of carrying out the work of the Project are borne by all of its participants, long-term members and interns alike, throughout the course of the field season. On the basis of figures from last year, we expect that room and board in Italy, and equipment costs will be approximately $4000 (USD). This estimate does not include travel to or from Italy and is subject to change dependent upon inflation or exchange rates. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact the Director, Dr. Michael Anderson, at

Please note:
Work in Pompeii involves strenuous physical activity and we work long, full days on the Project. Physical injury, insect, or even snakebites, heatstroke, as well as normal illnesses, though unlikely, are always a possibility when engaging in archaeological fieldwork. If accepted, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, sign a Waiver of Liability and to purchase comprehensive travel health insurance. Proof of a recent tetanus vaccination is also necessary. No further vaccinations are required for fieldwork in Italy.

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