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Internship Applications
The VCP Internship program is intended to provide participants with unparalleled first-hand experience in an ongoing project of archaeological research, working side-by-side with the rest of the team in every aspect of conducting the work of the Project. Application to participate as an Intern with the Project does not require any previous experience in Pompeian archaeology but applicants are expected to demonstrate clearly how participation will contribute to or further their academic or professional development and future goals.

COVID19 Update
As a result of the current COVID19 pandemic, including the ongoing and developing situation in Italy, applications for Intern involvement for the 2020 Summer Field Season has been suspended. For all of you who applied this year, your applications will also be valid for the summer of 2021. For those newly interested in 2021, please check back here after the summer.

In the meantime, please feel free to email the Project Director, Dr. Michael Anderson, at for more information.

Please note:
NB: Ongoing participation in the Project is solely at the discretion of the Director, violation of any Project protocols may result in immediate dismissal.

The number of positions available is very limited and competition can be quite fierce. Your application does not guarantee acceptance for participation. The Via Consolare Project strongly encourages applicants from all nations. Since the primary language of the Project is English however, we kindly request that all components of the application be completed in English.

Please also note:
At this early stage, we have not yet received permission from the Italian Ministry of Culture and Superintendency of Pompeii for the 2020 season, and therefore do not know at this time whether the coming field season will involve non-invasive research only or also include further excavation. This situation is normal for projects conducting archaeological fieldwork in Italy, and is not a cause of concern. Should we not be permitted to excavate in 2020, we will conduct a valuable post-excavation season, working with the materials recovered during previous seasons and the standing remains of the site, documenting, researching, surveying, and preparing these materials for publication. Applicants should be aware of this possibility, and of the potential for not knowing the outcome of our permission request until a very late date.

Please also also note:
Work in Pompeii involves strenuous physical activity. If accepted, you will be asked to complete a Medical Questionnaire in order to help us meet your needs and ensure the safety of all team members. Physical injury, insect, or even snakebites, heatstroke, as well as normal illnesses, though unlikely, are always a possibility when engaging in archaeological fieldwork. If accepted, you will also be required to sign a Waiver of Liability and to purchase comprehensive health insurance and to provide proof of a recent tetanus vaccination. No further vaccinations are currently required for fieldwork in Italy.

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