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J. T. Johnson

1201 Madrid Road

Santa Fe, NM 87505


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Fall 2012 to present

Listed on the Fulbright Commission’s “Specialist” Roster

Nominated by the commission to work with academic journalism and social communications departments around the world to conduct training in analytic journalism on the specific campus and locations in various countries.

1994 to present

Co-founder and Managing Director – Institute for Analytic Journalism
Directs research on the impact of the Digital Revolution on journalism.  Lectures and conducts workshops on analytic journalism (aka: “data journalism”) internationally with a personal focus on Latin America.  Evaluates and critiques breakthrough digital tools appropriate for journalists three to five years out.

Sept. 1976 to


Professor of Journalism: San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

Courses include surveys of mass communications and introductory newswriting, depth reporting, reporting public affairs, journalism history, C‑AR and newspaper and magazine editorial management.  Designed, supervised installation in 1986 of a 60‑node, MS‑DOS/Macintosh computer network for journalism instruction and publication production.  Also taught in the NEXA Program (cross‑ disciplinary studies) in the schools of Science and Humanities. Doctoral equivalency granted 1982.

Sept. 2000  to


Visiting Professor of Analytic Journalism, Boston University, Boston, MA
Taught Advanced Journalism Research, Advanced Multimedia [Information           Architecture] and conducted workshops about the Internet, search tools and resources for the faculty of the College of Communications.

December 1996 to

May 1998

Deputy Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, MO

Responsible for the digital components of the news operation, specifically, computer-assisted reporting, the newspaper’s online products (Web site, fax and audiotext services), and news research department.   Also charged with developing new approaches to reporting and presenting the news.  Responsible for a budget of $1.5 million and 30 employees, and maintaining liaison with all other departments in the newspaper.

Fall 1993

Visiting Professor of Journalism, Graduate School of Journalism, COLUMBIA University, New York, NY

Taught Reporting and Writing I and Computer-Assisted Journalism.

May 1989 to

Oct. 1990

West Coast Correspondent: Popular Science, New York, NY

Covered a wide variety of science‑ and technology‑related stories throughout the Western United States, but primarily the aerospace, automotive design and computer industries.  Topics ranging from the Stealth fighters to fuzzy logic.

Spring 1987

Editor: MacWEEK, San Francisco, CA

Within six weeks from announcement date, hired a staff of 25, coordinated design consultants, conceptualized and coordinated installation of a 24‑node, Macintosh electronic publishing system, assigned and coordinated coverage, and published the first 15 issues of a 50,000‑circulation weekly news magazine for business users of Macintosh computers.

Jan. 1987 to

March 1990

Contributing Editor: InformationWEEK, Manhasset, NY

Covered stories west of Denver for weekly magazine aimed at high-level executives responsible for corporate information management systems.

July 1984 to

July 1985

Contract Reporter: TIME Magazine, El Salvador, C.A.

Based in San Salvador; covered military, political, economic and human-interest stories throughout Central America for TIME-Life News Service, Mexico City bureau.

Jan. 1975 to

May 1987

Stringer: TIME‑Life News Service, San Francisco, CA

Covered stories ranging from MX missiles in Arizona to pornography in San Francisco and astrophysicists' conferences in Seattle.  Acting bureau chief, June-July 1978.


Jan. 1975 to

May 1976

Editor: Scientific American/W.H. Freeman and Co. Publishers, San Francisco, CA

Responsible for developing joint publishing ventures for the magazine and its book-publishing subsidiary.

Feb. 1969 to

Dec. 1974

Correspondent/Bureau Chief: Topeka (KS.) Capital-Journal

During first year, supervised the work of three stringers in addition to my own reporting; resigned bureau chief post to devote more time to graduate studies, but continued reporting duties.

Sept. 1969 to

Dec. 1974

Stringer: The New York Times, Time-Life News Service, Wichita Eagle-Beacon, Kansas City Star-Times, UPI

Covered news stories on the University of Kansas campus and in Eastern Kansas.  Originally a campus correspondent but promoted to covering stories throughout Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri as regional stringer for TIME magazine's Midwest bureau in Chicago.


June 1987 to


Partner: SARTOR Associates; San Francisco, New York City

Principal of firm specializing in editorial and telecommunication consultation and seminars in computer use and telecommunications for the publishing industry.

Nov. 1972 to

Aug. 1974

Writer/Editor/Creative Director: Kansas University Special Education Instructional Materials Center, Lawrence, KS

Coordinated theoretical concepts of professional educators with talents of media specialists to create and package multi‑media instructional materials for special education teachers and their students.

1969 to 1971

Partner: SARTOR Planning and Communications Consultants, Lawrence, KS

Firm specialized in urban planning and public communications. Responsible for design supervision and research/writing.  Clients ranged from an industrialized homebuilder to a developer of hydroponic farming systems.

Jan. 1968 to

Nov. 1968

General Manager: Rio Alegre Co., HEMISfair, San Antonio, TX

Supervised 84 employees and equipment maintenance of tour boat concession at San Antonio's world's fair.

Summer 1967

Research Associate: Ed Becht and Associates, Economic and Marketing Consultants, Houston, TX

Supervised and conducted field research for a major marketing study of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for a Volkswagen distributor.

1965 to 1967

Merchandising Services Manager/Market Research Director: Inter-Continental Motors Corporation, San Antonio, TX

Supervised and conducted market research in a five-state area for a Volkswagen distributor; administered merchandising materials; worked with training and sales manager in planning and coordination of marketing activities.




Doctoral Equivalency

San Francisco State University (1982)

Ph. D. Candidate (ABD)

American Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.

M. Phil.

American Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.

Special Studies

Center for Intercultural Documentation, Cuernavaca, Mex.


Journalism, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX





·         “Special Achievement in GIS” award to J. T. Johnson and the Institute for Analytic
   Journalism from ESRI, San Diego, CA, July 11, 2002

·         The Founders Group-The Media Center, American Press Institute, Reston, VA (1997)

·         Invited Associate: Freedom Forum Pacific Coast Center [Inaugural class, 1996]

·         Fellowship: International Radio & Television Society Foundation Faculty/Industry
   Seminar  (1996)

·         Complexity Studies Summer School Tuition Fellowship, Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe,
   N.M. (1993)

·         NEH Summer Seminar Fellowship, "Anthropological Approaches to Law," Princeton
   University (1992)

·         Technology Seminar Fellowship, Freedom Forum Media Studies Center, Columbia
   University (1991)

·         Travel Fellowship to Central America, Gannett Foundation, Washington, D.C. (1990)

·         Fellowship, U.S. Polo Training Foundation, Lexington, KY (1989)

·         Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award, San Francisco State University 
   (1986, 1988, 1990)

·         Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant, National Science Foundation (1972)

·         Research Travel Grants, Graduate School, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. (1970,
   1971, 1972)

·         Dean's List, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

·         University Tuition Scholarships, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX




Member: Online News Association

Member, International Communication Association

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications

Chair, Professional Freedom and Responsibility Committee - Newspaper Division, 1993-94; 1994-1995

Member Executive Board, Newspaper Division, 1995-98

Society of Professional Journalists: Two-term board member, NorCal Chapter 1978-1982;

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

Investigative Reporters and Editors

Northern California Science Writers Association

National Science Writers Association