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In the fall of 2008, an international group of bi-lingual speakers organized by Tom Johnson (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA) came together to translate Prof. Michael Gizzi's excellent NetLogo tutorial into Spanish.  The majority of the heavy lifting was done by Alfredo Covaleda ( in Bogota, Columbia and Marcelo Chacon Reyes  ( - Camagüey, Cuba) with the helpful assistance of Maria Isabel Neuman-Sega (mneumang@gmail.comMaracaibo, Venezuela),  and Frank Wimberley ( - Santa Fe, New Mexico USA).  

The team's objectives were:
  •  To produce a faithful, and functional, translation from English to Spanish of Prof. Michael Gizzi's tutorials for Netlogo
  •  To carefully copy edit all non-traditional vocabulary and test the understanding of that vocabulary with live individuals
  •  To carefully compare all images and screen shots to make sure they conform to  version 4.0.2 of  NetLogo
      [The latest, stable version of Netlogo is NetLogo 4.0.4 , but we think the differences in terms of the user's manual are few.]
  •   To carefully edit and test all URL links and HTML code
  •   To produce a translation in a word processing format that can be easily imported into common page design templates and forms
We think we have succeeded, but as anyone who has done translation knows, there are always many ways of saying something.  If you spot any  errors or have suggestions for improvements, please contact Tom Johnson ( or Alfredo Covaleda  (
The NetLogo Tutorial - English

Netlogo Tutorial en Español

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