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Instructions to Contributors

Manuscript Submissions

The editorial office prefers electronic submission. An electronic file of the manuscript, saved in Windows/Microsoft Word format, must be submitted via email to Dr. Sujian Guo at This will speed up review process and publication and reduce the probability of typesetting errors. Both text and endnotes should be double-spaced throughout, on 8.5x11 inch paper. Since all manuscripts are subject to external reviews, author's name, title/position, affiliated institution, mailing address, email address, telephone and fax numbers, brief biographical information, and an abstract of 100-120 words should be included in a separate title page and submitted together with the manuscript via email. 

Manuscripts should conform to the Springer's styling of Journal of Chinese Political Science. Authors can choose one of the citation forms, citation by numbers (endnote format) or citation by name and year (reference). But, only one form of citation is permitted within a publication:

    In Text Citation
1. Citation by Numbers (endnote format, sample article)
2. Citation by Name and Year (reference format, sample article) 

Manuscripts should be submitted in clear and grammatically correct English. Authors must ensure that manuscripts have been proofread by a person with excellent command of the language.
No manuscript will be considered if it is concurrently under consideration by another journal or is soon to be published elsewhere. The author is responsible for obtaining permission to publish any copyrighted material.  All correspondence and inquiries should be addressed to: Dr. Sujian Guo, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Chinese Political Science, at Email address:


Book Reviews Submissions

Books for review and book review articles should be sent to: Dr. Jessica Teets, Associate Editor of Journal of Chinese Political Science, at Email address:   Book review submission guidelines


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