Photo of KK6HY radio shack in 2010

PHOTO ABOVE: KK6HY radio shack (2007-2011) featuring TMC units.

LOCATION: Northern California
BROADCAST LICENSE: First-Class RadioTelephone

Over a period of ten years, I restored a 1963 500-Watt TMC transmitter (Technical Materiel Corporation, Mamaroneck, New York). It included a GPE-1A AM exciter, a PAL-500 linear amplifier, and an ATS-2 SWR monitor/controller with its remote tuner mounted at the base of a 31-foot vertical antenna. This AM transmitter operated fixed-frequency with three crystals. The SBE-2 needed a power supply, so I lacked a VFO and SSB.

Because of my age and space issues and because of wanting to explore other aspects of this great hobby, I sadly replaced the wonderful TMC system with a FLEX-3000 SDR transceiver and an Elecraft KPA500 linear amplifier (500 Watts, PEP).

Other major components include an original Gates "The Yard," a 1955 audio console beautifully restored by KO6NM, Mike Dorrough, a US Navy ME-165/G power monitor with 600-Watt dummy load (1971), a TMC SWR/Wattmeter (1963), an Electro-Voice 635 microphone (1948), and two antennas: a 123-foot dipole and a 31-foot S9v vertical antenna.

The FLEX is the primary receiver with its great panadapter. A pair of large Bertagni recording studio speakers are ceiling mounted at 45-degrees for critical listening, especially AM. Special receivers include a Stoddart NM-26T (c.1974, 150kHz to 32MHz), a CEI/ Watkins-Johnson Model 901-1 receiver (c.1963, 30MHz to 1GHz), a CEI/ Watkins-Johnson Model 112R-8 receiver (c.1968, 1GHz to 12GHz) and an Ailtech/Stoddart NM-67 receiver (c.1977, 1GHz to 18GHz).

Other restorations include two National receivers as shown: a 1952 AN/FRR-24 (RF & 1st IF module only of this incredible 3121-pound, 420-tube receiver) and a 1963 R-1230/FLR countermeasures receiver (National's last vacuum-tube receiver).

AM is the preferred operating mode. Favorite frequencies: 3870, 3880, 3885, and 7293 kHz (Western States AM groups) or 14.263 MHz (Collins radio group) Sunday afternoons! For the Collins CCA Net, I am repairing a Collins KWM-2 transceiver.

Photo of KK6HY radio shack
PHOTO ABOVE: KK6HY radio shack simplified block diagram: 2014.
Photo of KK6HY radio shack
PHOTO ABOVE: KK6HY radio shack: 2015.


Photo of 1951 desk and crystal set
---First radio project in 1951---

Photo of IP-500 receiver
U.S. Navy IP-500 wireless radio receiver

Photo of Stoddart NM-67 SHF receiver
Stoddart/AILTECH SHF receiver, Model NM-67

CEI 901-1 radio receiver
1963 CEI VHF surveillance receiver, Model 901-1

WJ 112R-8 radio receiver
1968 WJ SHF surveillance receiver, Model 112R-8

National Radio Co. logo
Photo of National AN/FRR-24 receiver
1952 National Radio AN/FRR-24 military receiver

National Radio Co. logo
R-1490/GRR-17 receiver
1967 National Radio R-1490/GRR-17 military receiver

National Radio Co. logo
Photo of National R-1230/FLR receiver
1963 National Radio R-1230/FLR military receiver

Tecraft CC-108
First Ham Satellite Receiver: 1958

Photo of Stoddart NM-40A Radio
1956 NM-40A Stoddart ELF/VLF Receiver

Photo of GR Model 1931-A
GR Amplitude-Modulation Monitor 1931-A
GR Distortion and Noise Meter 1932-A

Photo of TMC transmitter
500-Watt AM TMC rig

Photo of AN/FRW-3
Collins UHF receiver, Model AN/FRW-3

Photo of RBY-1 & BC-1031
Hallicrafters RBY-1 (SX-28) with BC-1031

Photo of TRC-77 rig
10-Watt CW TRC-77 rig

Photo of AN/FRR-26 receiver
AN/FRR-26 HF receiver, Kaar of Palo Alto

Photo of Holmes C. Miller Radio
1930 HF receiver, H. C. Miller of Palo Alto

AN/UNH 17B cassette recorder
1979 AN/UNH-17B Recorder-Reproducer Set

Telephonics mystery transmitter
Mystery HF transmitter: Telephonics, US Navy, No model #

Sylvania mystery HF receiver
Mystery HF Receiver: Sylvania Reconnaissance Systems Lab. prototype

RBF-1 sono boue receiver
RBF-1 sono buoy receiver

RBF-1 sono boue receiver
TELEFLASH wired radio system

VLF Signal Simulator
VLF Signal Simulator


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