Charlotte Tate, Ph.D.

Social/Personality Psychologist


Charlotte Tate, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Department of Psychology 1600 Holloway Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94132


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Short Bio |

Dr. Charlotte Tate is a butch-presenting lesbian and openly trans woman. (See her lab's glossary of gender-related terms or the hyperlinks above for definitions of these [and related] terms.) She publishes under "Charlotte Chuck/y Tate" to have female visibility, transgender visibility, and butch lesbian visibility simultaneously. She has also published articles and book chapters under the name "Chuck Tate" (a nickname) in an attempt to have butch lesbian visibility.

Dr. Tate received her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree summa cum laude from Loyola University Chicago in 1999. She received a Master's of Science (M.S.) degree (in 2001) and a Ph.D. in Social/Personality Psychology at the University of Oregon (in 2006). For an overview of her professional activities see her current vita.

Dr. Tate is currently an Associate Professor at San Francisco State University and Coordinator of the Social Psychology Master's of Arts Degree.


Research Interests |

Dr. Tate is interested in three distinguishable research topics: (a) social perception, (b) attitudes, and (c) mental simulation of the past and future. She is also interested in philosophy of science issues for psychological research. For a detailed disucssion of each of these topics, see her lab's research interests page.

Within the social perception topic, Dr. Tate focuses on how individuals understand themselves (viz. self-identity) and others. Current work explores how people maintain a felt-sense of gender identity whether they are cisgender, transgender, or genderqueer. Other work in this area explores how people define social categories such as "race" and "sexual orientation" to understand and navigate the social world. Publications within this topic are located here.

Within the attitudes topic, Dr. Tate focuses specifically on prejudice and discrimination toward racial, gender, and sexual orientation groups as well as the factors that support and lessen bias toward these groups--such as comedy and people's cognitive organizations of social groups. Dr. Tate also explores new methodologies to assess racial prejudice toward multiple groups using single-instrument designs. Publications within this topic are located here.

Within the mental simulation topic, Dr. Tate examines the cognitive processes underpinning "mental time travel" into the future and the past. Current work focuses on how forecasting is related to a variety of phenemona including affect and attitudes. Publications within this topic are located here.

Dr. Tate also has a strong interest in the philosophy of science for psychological science, particularly on evolutionary modeling in psychology. More broadly, her work in this area focuses on how to conceptualize and measure phenomena of interest from a quantitative perspective in the science of psychology. Publications relevant to philosophy of science are located here. Publications relevant to quantitative measurement in psychology are located here.


Teaching |

Dr. Tate currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at San Francisco State University (SFSU). Her current office hours (Spring 2020) are:

Mondays 11am-1pm

Wednesdays 5-6:30pm

Thursdays 11a-12pm

Dr. Tate is currently teaching the following courses in Fall 2019:

PSY 742: Survey Methods in Psychology [graduate]

PSY 772: Multiple Regression Analysis using R [graduate]

(Click the hyperlink to go to the SFSU iLearn sites for each course.)

Over her career, Dr. Tate has taught courses in psychological research methods, survey design and analysis, statistical analysis, social psychology, and personality psychology.


Popular Press and Products |

Dr. Tate has contributed to a popular press anthology regarding psychology and superheroes and has co-developed a DVD designed to reduce racial prejudice in children. To learn more about these ventures visit her Popular Press and Products page.


For Fun: Videos and Media |

Since 2006 Dr. Tate has periodically created songs and videos about statistics and made cameo appearances in other professors' creations. She appears in her drag king personas "Stats Man Chuck Tate" and "Chumillionaire" (among others). You may view and download these videos and songs on her Videos and Media page.