MATH 370: Real Analysis I

Spring 2017


  • 5/12: Practice Questions for final and solutions.
  • 3/25: Practice Questions for midterm and solutions.
  • 3/16: Miscellaneous Notes
  • 1/24: Two Handouts: Course Syllabus and Deadlines for DROP, ADD, AUDIT, etc.

    Reading and Homework Assignments

    R.X means section X of the text by Kenneth Ross.

    Read R.1-2 Homework 1 is due Thursday, February 2. Solutions

    Read R.3-4 Homework 2 is due Thursday, February 9. Solutions

    Read R.7-8 Homework 3 is due Thursday, February 16. Solutions

    Read R.10-12 Homework 4 is due Thursday, February 23. Solutions

    Read R.14-15 Homework 5 is due Tuesday, March 7. Solutions

    Read R.17-19 Homework 6 is due Thursday, March 16. Solutions

    Read R.23-24,26,28 Homework 7 is due Thursday, April 13. Solutions

    Read R.23-24,26,28 Homework 8 is due Thursday, April 20. Solutions

    Read R.28-30 Homework 9 is due Thursday, May 4. Solutions

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