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Trevor R. Getz is a father, historian, and and science fiction enthusiast who is interested in the way people and societies think about and interact with the past as well as nineteenth century West Africa and post-apartheid South Africa. He is a rare individual who actually likes to think about methodology. A former Fulbright scholar, Trevor became a full professor at San Francisco State University in 2011 and lives happily in Berkeley with his wife, two kids, and two dogs. His favorite founding fathers are Thomas Paine and Walter Sisulu.

FEATURED PUBLICATION: Abina and the Important Men: A Graphic History

"The first of its kind, Abina and the Important Men is a compelling and powerfully illustrated "graphic history" based on an 1876 court transcript of a West African woman named Abina, who was wrongfully enslaved and took her case to court. The book is a microhistory that does much more than simply depict an event in the past; it uses the power of illustration to convey important themes in world history and to reveal the processes by which history is made.

The story of Abina Mansah—a woman "without history" who was wrongfully enslaved, escaped to British- controlled territory, and then took her former master to court—takes place in the complex world of the Gold Coast at the onset of late nineteenth-century colonialism."

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