Trish Foschi
Professor Emerita of Geography
San Francisco State University



Celebrating 10th Wedding Anniversary on 20 March 2014








Sangre de Cristo, 2010, encaustic and mixed media, 24" x 24"

[in permanent collection of Encaustic Art Institute]

Continuing My Former Art Career

My first two degrees were earned in Art and Art History, and for awhile I tried to earn a living using my artistic skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, that proved to be a difficult task because positions tended to be part-time, temporary, and/or poorly paid. Consequently, I decided to combine my math and art talents to become a Remote Sensing specialist. The creative aspects of research were very satisfying, and working in this field provided many years of visual and intellectual challenges as well as satisfactory income. However, as time when by, my need to return to art increased until I decided to take early retirement and pursue art essentially full-time.

More about my paintings and prints, art resume, and other art activities are found at:




Pig teeth and hominide skull fragment at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

Enjoying Archaeology Via Travel and Research

It has often occurred to me that, if I had to choose another career, it might have been Archaeology. More and more I select vacations and travel that include participating in archaeological digs, visiting ancient sites, and surveying sites to find landmarks in satellite imagery. Also, seeing a place having old and new together makes a more enriching experience--for example, tidying an untended grave during Day of the Dead in Oaxaca was a great addition to seeing Monte Alban and other monuments nearby. Mapping settlement patterns from airphotos for the Archaeological Conservancy is my next project.







Countering the Ravages of Old Age, Too Many Desk Jobs, and the Amazing Food in Santa Fe (my new home)

One thing I did not expect to do in retirement was hire a personal trainer and join a gym. However, time and circumstances have led me to do so. Surprisingly, I enjoy the exercise and chats with my trainer (owner of Santa Fe Way) whose knowledge extends far beyond gym equipment and the names of muscles.