Illustration from artificial retina research


A technology that attempts to create organisms that contain linked organic and manufactured components.

Links to Bionics Sites

Transhuman site Bionics links
Brain-Computer Interface site (Toby Howard)
Brain-computer links - articles, research groups (Michael Black-Brown U)
Medical Bionics company
Science Fiction Bionic Home Page
Museum show on Bionics:technology of the future with lessons from nature
Artificial retina
University of Bonn bionics research
Plastic Surgery Web Site
Chip to control limbs
Professor experiment to live with embedded chips


Cyborg definitions - George Landow
Haraway, Donna. Manifesto for Cyborgs (at Rochester)
Stone, Allucquere Rosanne. Will the Real Body Please Stand Up? (at Rochester)
V2.  Technomorphia (Louis Bec ,Knowbotic Research , Detlef Linke, Lars Spuybroek, GerburgTreusch-Dieter, Paul Virilio, deLanda, Stelarc, et al)
Steve Wilson links to theory resources

Artist Investigations

Steve Wilson - Links  to artists working with biology and the body

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