Research Projects > Crab Larval Responses to Ocean Acidification

We have been conducting studies of how early life history stages (embryos, larvae, and juveniles) of porcelain crabs, kelp crabs, and red king crabs respond to ocean acidification (OA). Our studies involve laboratory rearing of crabs under different carbon dioxide concentrations, set to mimic IPCC scenarios for the next century. We measure a range of parameters including survival, growth, cardiac activity, metabolism, biochemical composition, and gene expression using RNA-seq and qPCR. Click here to watch a live porcelain crab larva! (supported by the National Science Foundation, teh German DAAD foundation, and the NOAA/NMFS Kodiak Alaska Fisheries Science Center). Lina Ceballos and Hayley Carter both conducted their MS thesis research projects in porcelain crab responses to OA, Melanie Schiffer from AWI visited to perform some projects on kelp crabs, and Scott Fay is involved in king crab transcriptomic analyses.