Research Projects > Functional Genomics of Porcelain Crabs

In conjunction with the DOE Joint Genome Institute, we have undertaken a large EST sequencing project for porcelain crabs, and have cloned and sequenced 61,440 cDNAs from both normalized and non-normalized libraries from the porcelain crab, Petrolisthes cinctipes. A total of 130K sequences (ESTs) were generated, of which about 98K passed quality control filters and have been submitted to GenBank, making P. cinctipes the third-most sequenced crustacean species in GenBank (after Daphnia and Litopenaeus). Assembly of these sequences into clustered consensus sequences has resulted in ~30K unique consensus sequences that form ~19K unique clusters. These data are hosted at the Porcelain Crab Array Database (PCAD, along with homology search results (e.g., BLASTx, tBLASTx, InterProScan). Microarray data resulting from experimental work described above are also hosted at PCAD for both analysis and archive. The paper describing this project is published in PLoS ONE here: