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Mel's Drive-In Pickets

Dobbs Says Picket Plan has Political Motive (October 18) pdf

Dobbs Gets Picket Treatment (October 23)

Mel's Settles Civil Rights Dispute (November 9) (part 2) pdf

Pickets, Dobbs Finally Agree (November 12) (part 2)


Lucky Supermarket Shop-Ins

Negro Hiring: A Chain Store "Breakthrough" (October 9) pdf

Lucky Stores Picketing Set (February 1) pdf

CORE "Shop-In" at SF Supermarket (Februrary 20) pdf

CORE Calls Off Market "Shop-Ins" (February 27) pdf

Lucky's "Shop-Ins" End (February 27) pdf

Impact of Lucky's Pact with CORE (March 1) pdf


Sheraton-Palace Protests

"Pact is Near": Big Palace Sit-In (March 7)

Sheraton-Palace Victory, Cadilac, PGE Next (March 14)

"A Night at the Palace"(DuBois Club Newspaper - undated)

"Police Break Up Palace Picket Line" (SF Examiner, March 2)

"Police Break Up Palace Picket Line" (SF Examiner, March 2, Cont'd)

"DuBois Clubs - A New Rights Force" (The Bulletin, Nov 3)

"She Believes Very Strongly"

"Peace at the Palace" (SF Chronicle, March 8)

"1,000 Picket Hotel" (SF Examiner, March 7)

"1,000 Picket Hotel" (SF Examiner, March 7, Cont'd)

"Pact Ends Seige at Palace" (SF Examiner, March 8)

Dick Gregory, and others, Behind Bars (March 8)

"Sheraton-Palace Trial: 'Conspiracy to Convict'" (People's World, 4/25/64)

"It's Injunctions, Arrests in SF Fight for Jobs" (People's World, 3/7/64) (Cont'd)

"The Palace Revolution" (People's World, 3/14/64) (Cont'd)


Auto Row Protests

Pickets Move On to Cadillac Agency (March 10)

Talks to Replace Pickets (April 6)

"Auto Row" Protests: 226 Sit-In Arrests (April 12)

"New, Bigger Demonstrations Planned in Negro Job Fight" (People's World, 4/18/64)


Bank of America Protests

CORE Leader Says FEPC Understaffed, Ill-Financed (April 30)

Mass Bank Picketing Begins in 13 Cities (May 23) (part2)

CORE Truce -- Pickets to Leave the B of A (September 2) (part 2)

Carl Bloice Article (People's World, 5/2/64)

"Bank of America Signs Fair Hiring Pact" (People's World, 6/6/64)

"CORE Takes on Bank of America" (People's World, 5/30/64)


Select Realty Pickets

Rental Agent Calls it Quits over Bias (August 17) pdf

11 Arrested: S.F. Rental Bias Sit-Down (September 15) (part 2) pdf

Selvin Collection, Box 26, Folder 12

Selvin Collection, Box 26, Folder 12, CA Test Case

Selvin Collection, Box 26, Folder 12, CA Test Case Page

"The Facts about Proposition 14"

"California Christians Face their Greatest Moral Challenge"

"How Eichler Sells Open Occupancy with No Fuss"

Selvin Collection, Box 26, Folder 12

Selvin Collection, Box 26, Folder 12

"Some Pertinent Questions and Answers"

"Some Pertinent Questions and Answers" (Cont'd)

Selvin material courtesy of Selvin Collection, Labor Archives Research Center, San Francisco State Univserity.



"The Turbulent World of Tracy Sims" (People's World, 5/9/64)

"Jail Sentence for Tracy Sims Stirs Anger in Negro Community" (People's World, 5/16/64)

"9 Month Jail Sentence for NAACP Leader Denounced" (People'w World, 7/18/64)

Insurgent Cover (March - April, 1965)

Insurgent Cover (May - June, 1965)

Insurgent Cover (July - August, 1965)

Insurgent Cover (Sept - Oct, 1965)

Harold Supriano Article (page 2) (page 3)



Sheraton photo

Photo courtesy of San Franciso History Center, San Francisco Public Library


Sims Trial Documentation