San Francisco State University Letters to Mayor Shelley

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"160 Million White People"

"A Big Plot"

"A Bunch of Rejects"

"A Fair Resolution"

"A Lot of Grief" (Cont'd)

"Ad Hoc Beatniks"

"Ad Hoc Needs Your Help"

"Aid Mod Rule"


"Amorphous Group"


"Approved Letter Cover"

"April 1"

"Beat-niks, Fairies and Commies"

"Believed Communistic"

"Bordered on Anarchy"

"Boycott" (Cont'd)


"Civil Wrongs"

"Condemn You"

"Damned Niggers"

"Declaration - Military Order of the World Wars"


"True SF Lovers"

"Unreliable Gangs"

"Use Some"

"Vigilante" (Cont'd)

"What Kind of Irishman"

"What Kind of Mayor"

"What Not to Do"

"While You Were Out"

"Why the Going is Good"

"Williams to Editor" (Cont'd)

"Williams to Shelley"

"Wise Up" (Cont'd)

"you know what"

"Disgrace to the City"


"Disgusting Antics"

"End Unfair Practices" (Cont'd)

"Expense of the Many" (Cont'd)

"Fine and Fair"

"Fourth Generation"

"Free of Charge" (Cont'd)

"Get Tough" (Cont'd)

"Good Luck" (Cont'd)

"Good Policy"

"Good Senses"

"Gutless Cheap Politicians"

"Gutless Yellow Mayor"

"Hasty Note" (Cont'd)


"I Salute You"

"In the Gutter"


"Intelligent and Courageous"

"Invite Your Friends"

"Kennedy's Killer"

"Law Enforcement Responsiblity" (page 2) (page 3) (page 4)

"Love This City"


"Man or Mouse"

"Mayor with Guts"

"Mayor's Approved Response" (Cont'd)

"Mayor's Response" (Cont'd)

"Military Order" (Cont'd)

"Minority Groups"

"Misfits, Crackpots, Exhibitionists"

"Montgomery Street Set"


"Native Son" (page 2) (page 3)

"Necessary Shop-Ins" (Cont'd)

"Not Proud"

"Old Time"

"Pacific Oil and Gas"

"Prouder than Ever"

"Public Outrage" (Cont'd)

"Replaced by Niggers"

"Responsible Citizens"

"Rioters Took Over"

"Righeous Demonstration"

"Rough Treatment of Negroes" (Cont'd)

"Segregation in San Francisco"

"Send Letter"


"Sick of This"

"So-Called Civil Rights"


"Sorry I Hustled for You"


"Sullivan to Shelley"

"Taken Over" (Cont'd)

"Teeth Come Out"


"The Negro Element"

"The Student Are Right"

"This or That or Else"

"Threats of Violence"


Mayor Shelley


Mayor Shelley