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Tamam Tracy Moncur Interview Clips

When and why did you become active in the Civil Rights Movement? How did the Ad Hoc Committee Against Discrimination come about?
How was the W.E.B. DuBois Club formed? How did the various organizations interact? Was it a collective effort?
What was it like to be in the press as much as you were at the age of 18? On the legal repercussions of the Palace sit in.
Did being a woman shape your experience?
How were the pickets organized?
How did the police behave during the Palace protest?
What motivated the Palace sit-in?
What was it like in the Palace during the sit-in? Did you take part in negotiations with management?
What was the reaction in San Francisco to the demonstrations? What effect did the '63 - '64 movement have on the city?
What lessons can people concerned with social and economic justice take from the '63 - '64 movement in SF? How has being an activist and participant in those struggled informed your life?


Final thoughts?


Harold Supriano Interview Clips
What kind of work were you doing when you first came to San Francisco? On CORE, Friends of SNCC, and voter registration in Mississippi.
Did the 1963 - '64 movement have a lasting impact on San Francisco? How did Civil Rights activists organize the campaign against Select Realty?
How has being an activist shaped your life? Did you face any repercussions when you returned from Vietnam?
How were strategies devised?
On SNCC and the March on Washington
On the DuBois Club, the peace movement, and going to No. Vietnam On working with the Black Panthers.
The March on Washington and the beginnings of the SF sit-in movement. Why was the W.E.B. DuBois Club building bombed?
What instigated the Mel's Pickets?
What lessons can people concerned with social justice take from the SF 1963 - 1964 movement?
What was organized labor's position regarding the anti-discrimination movement in SF? What was the mayor's reaction to the protests?
What was the political situation like in San Francisco in the early '60s. What was the strategy during the Auto Row demonstrations?
When was the W.E.B. DuBois club formed? Which organizations did you participate in and organize with?