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After the victories at the Select Rental Agency and Mel’s Drive-In restaurants, civil rights activists turned their attention to the hiring practices of Lucky grocery stores in San Francisco. Upon review of the grocery chain’s hiring and promotion practices, CORE embarked on a determined campaign to secure an antidiscrimination pact with the company. Activists employed a creative new tactic, the “shop-in,” putting pressure on the store’s daily operations and gathering substantial publicity in the city’s press. In February of 1964, San Francisco witnessed a new kind of civil rights activism that reverberated throughout the city.

Negro Hiring: A Chain Store "Breakthrough" (October 9) pdf

Lucky Stores Picketing Set (February 1) pdf

CORE "Shop-In" at SF Supermarket (Februrary 20) pdf

CORE Calls Off Market "Shop-Ins" (February 27) pdf

Lucky's "Shop-Ins" End (February 27) pdf

Impact of Lucky's Pact with CORE (March 1) pdf

How were strategies devised?

Courtesy of CORE

Photo courtesy of San Franciso History Center, San Francisco Public Library