Eva Sheppard Wolf received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2000 and arrived at SF State in 2002. She teaches courses on early American history, including the American Revolution, Race and Ethnicity in the US to 1890, and Unfree Labor. She is an expert on manumission, race, and free blacks in antebellum Virginia.

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Research Interests

After spending more than a decade researching and writing about emancipation, race, and free blacks in antebellum Virginia, I am beginning a new project on slavery, free-labor ideology, and the transition to capitalism in the United States. Some of my initial thoughts are in "Early Free-Labor Thought and the Contest over Slavery in the Early Republic," in John Craig Hammond and Matthew Mason, eds., Contesting Slavery: The Politics of Bondage and Freedom in the New American Nation (University of Virginia Press, 2011).

Television Appearances

  • "Who Do You Think You Are?" With Blair Underwood. NBC, February 24, 2012.
  • Finding Your Roots, Wanda Sykes episode. PBS, May 13, 2012.
  • Genealogy Roadshow, San Francisco. PBS, Oct. 7, 2013.

Courses Taught

  • Hist. 120: US to 1877
  • Hist. 300: Seminar in Historical Analysis
  • Hist. 422: Founding of the American Nation
  • Hist. 464: Race and Ethnicity in the US to 1890
  • Hist. 473: Unfree Labor in Early America
  • Hist. 700: Seminar in Historical Analysis
  • Hist. 780: Transition to Capitalism in Early America
  • Hist. 780: Regionalism and Nationalism in Early America

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Curriculum Vitae


Office Location: SCI 267

Office Hours for Spring 2015:

Mon. 2:00-3:30; Wed. 2:00-3:00; and by appointment.