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Academic Resources 

Library Online Databases

Students new to Chinese politics, Asian politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political economy often ask where to find sources for their research papers. One of the first places to look for sources is library online databases to which our library subscribes. Only students, faculty, and staff with a valid ID and PAC will be able to access library online databases. Below are just two selected databases for your reference. You should check the library's main database page to find more databases. 

OCLC/FIRST SEARCH. Click this database for sources of articles:  ArticleFirst (FirstSearch), and then type in the key words to search for articles you are looking for. To login to the university website, click http://www.library.sfsu.edu/ and then click on Databases - Find Articles & More. Click on list all databases. All databases are alphabetically listed. Find ArticleFirst and click on it.

EBSCO HOST. This database contains full text articles or abstracts. To login, click on http://www.library.sfsu.edu/ and then click on Databases - Find Articles & More.  Two EBSCO HOST databases are listed: Academic Search Elite (EBSCOHost) and EBSCOhost EJS (Electronic Journals Service)

You should always start from searching library online database!!

A List of Journals

Below is a list of journals divided according to areas of study. However, bee careful: some of them are not necessarily academic. Most often in political science courses, students are required to use academic sources for their research. Click this link for detailed information: What is an academic article? WHEN YOU FIND A USEFUL ACADEMIC ARTICLE, ALWAYS CHECK THE FOOTNOTES, ENDNOTES, OR BIBLIOGRAPHY CAREFULLY. This will often lead you to some more relevant and valuable sources related to your research topic.

START EARLY! Our library may not carry journals and books you need. But, almost any book or article you may need can be obtained free of charge through Document Delivery Services at the library. This usually takes at least a week or two, so you need to find and order the material early. Otherwise, you may not get it in time. To order material online, click on the Document Delivery Services link on library home page and fill up the order form. The best part of it is FREE.

Asia-Pacific Area Studies

Asian Affairs: An American Review Asian Affairs Index

Asian Economic Journal   Asian Pacific Development Center

Asia-Pacific Economic Review Asia-Pacific Review

Asia-Pacific Viewpoint Asian Philosophy Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library

Asian Studies Review Asian Survey

Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Central Asian Survey

China: An International Journal China Review International

Chinese Foreign Policy Net Columbia East Asian Review

Contemporary Pacific Contemporary South Asia East Asia (online journal)

 East Asia: An International Quarterly East Asia: Electronic Newspapers and Journals

Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies

Far Eastern Economic Review Focus Japan Harvard Asia-Pacific Review  

Indochina Interchange  Interchange (formerly Indochina Interchange)

Indonesia and the Malay World Inside China Today

Japanese Economic Review Japan Echo Japanese Studies 

Journal of Asian Studies Journal of Asian and African Studies 

Journal of Asian Culture Journal of Chinese Political Science  

Journal of Contemporary Asia Journal of Contemporary China 

Journal of Japanese Studies Journal of Korean Studies 

Journal of South Asian Women Studies  

Keideran Review of Japanese Economy Korean Studies  

Modern Asian Studies Pacific Affairs  Pacific Review

Pacific Economic Review South Asia Graduate Research Journal  

  Maps  World Factbook  

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A list of works by authors


Communist and Post-Communist Studies

Communist Economies & Economic Transformation

Eastern European Politics and Society Europe-Asia Studies (formerly Soviet Studies)

European Economic Review Journal of Common Market Studies

Journal of European Area Studies Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans

OECD Observer Post-Soviet Affairs Problems of Post-Communism

Slavic Review Communist and Post-Communist Studies

The Journal of Communist Studies & Transition Politics

The Economics of Transition Links to economics of transition issues 

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Comparative Politics and International Relations

  Australian Journal of Political Science Brown Journal of World Affairs Business and Politics

Cold War Studies Comparative Politics Comparative Political Studies

Cooperation & Conflict Current History

Democracy & Nature Electronic Journal of Comparative Law

Foreign Affairs Foreign Policy Foreign Policy in Focus Governance

Global Society: Journal of Interdisciplinary International Relations

Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics

Human Rights Quarterly   Human Rights Review  Human Rights online resources

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies International Affairs International Migration  

International Organization International Security Interational Social Science Journal

International Studies Quarterly Journal of Democracy

Journal of International Affairs Journal of Peace Research

Journal of Political Ideologies Journal of Public and International Affairs

Third World Quarterly Journal of World Systems Research

Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies Millennium: Journal of International Studies

National Identities The National Interest New Perspectives Quarterly Orbis  

Peace & Change Peace and Conflict Studies Review of International Studies

Refugee News Peace Review The Political Quarterly Political Studies  

Politics & Society Religion, State and Society SAIS Review

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism Studies in Comparative International Development 

Third World Quarterly UN Chronicle UNESCO Courier

Washington Quarterly World Affairs World Policy Journal World Politics

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Political Economy of Development

Asian Economic Journal Brookings Trade Forum  

Business Ethics: A European Review Contributions to Political Economy  

Development Development & Change Development in Practice

Economia Economics & Politics IMF Working Papers

Japanese Economic Review Journal of Development Studies

New Economy New Political Economy Oxford Development Studies 

Pacific Economic Review Planning and the Market 

Review of Development Economics Review of International Economics 

Review of International Political Economy

Studies in Comparative International Development

World Bank Development Briefs   World Bank Publications

The World Economy Development Studies Resources  

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Journals on Publishers

Academic Journals in Political Science on apsanet.org

Blackwell Publishers: List of Journals JSTOR (Scholarly Journal Archive)

Oxford University Press: Oxford Journals Sage Publications: Index of Journals

Taylor & Francis Publishers: Journal List University of Houston: Scholarly Journals Online


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