Graduation Ceremony 
   Spring 2003

   Professors Guo, von Wahl,
   Smith, Graham, Patterson,
   Neely, DeLeon

Department of Political Science offers undergraduate and graduate programs. Study in political science is designed to help students develop knowledge, analytical skills, and critical insight into the nature of politics, political problems, and political systems. The aim is to prepare students for active engagement in political life, whether as informed citizens or in a wide range of possible careers. The department endeavors to acquaint students with the issues of political life that have absorbed political thinkers and actors throughout the ages, as well as to equip students with the most contemporary skills for research analysis and policy making.

The major in political science offers a solid undergraduate education in political science and the liberal arts and prepares our graduates for a variety of careers in government organizations at the national, state, and local levels, interest groups, political parties, political consulting, and lobbying organizations, campaign management and political polling, media and journalism, pre-law education for law school or for employment in legal professions, and international businesses, multinational corporations, and international organizations, etc. All these careers require the knowledge and skills in political analysis, communication, writing, research, and evaluation; the conceptual ability to develop logical arguments about political and policy issues and the ability to collect relevant evidence to support arguments; independent and critical thinking, tolerance, and informed participation in domestic and international affairs; the ability to define a problem, investigate it, and contribute to its solution in a variety of employment settings as mentioned above. These are the very elements that characterize the major of political science and the courses offered by our department faculty members. In today’s employment market, college graduates can expect to change jobs a number of times, and even to have more than one career, and political science is excellent preparation for the flexibility required in this modern employment market. 

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TOTAL UNITS FOR B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE                               41 UNITS

Core Courses:                                                                                               13 Units             

PLSI 200             American Politics                                                                3
PLSI 250             Comparative Politics                                                           3
PLSI 275             Political Theory                                                                    3
PLSI 300             Methods of Political Inquiry                                                  4

Breadth Requirements:                                                                                   9-12 Units

One upper division course in each of at least three of these five fields: 

American Politics
Comparative Politics
Political Theory
Public Law
Public Administration & Policy

Electives:                                                                                                          16-19 Units

At least eight (8) units in Political Science and up to eight (8) units may be selected from related departments with consent of major advisor.


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