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Sam S. Gill
Professor Emeritus of Information Systems
San Francisco State University
I teach and publish (articles, books, and courseware) in many areas of information systems focusing on strategy, management, and technology. My current research interests include development methodologies for mobile devices (phone and tablets), development architectures, platforms and languages including: .NET, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, WebSphere, Visual Basic, C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and Java.

Occasionally, I still teach IBM mainframe topics such as: COBOL, CICS, and DB2.

Currently, I am teaching development courses for designing and implementing  business applications on the Windows 10 and the Android platforms and Windows Azure as well as Information Technology Security.

I am still keeping up with the latest Microsoft .NET technologies and the Office 2013 offerings including SharePoint 2013.
Fall 2015

ISYS 512 Bus Application Development with .NET

Room Number: BUS 111
Day and Time: Wednesday 7:00 - 9:45 PM
Office Hours: BUS 301 Wednesday 6:00 - 7:00 PM

This course covers the theory and practice of business application design and development. Emphasis will be placed on database applications development using ADO.Net, and web applications development using ASP.Net.  Students will learn to develop class-based business components using .Net, and will have hands on experience with cloud computing using Windows Azure.

You can access the course syllabus here...