Re-SEAing Southeast Asian American Studies
Memories & Visions
Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow


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San Francisco State University
March 10-11, 2011

Unless otherwise indicated, conference activities will be held at the Cesar Chavez Student Center, SF State

Thursday  |  March 10, 2011

8: 00 – 9:30 AM Breakfast and Registration for Panelists and Speakers, Jack Adams Hall

9: 30 – 10:00 AM Welcome Remarks, Jack Adams Hall Chuon, Khmer Classical Blessing Dance
Asian American Studies Department Chair, Lorraine Dong
College of Ethnic Studies Dean, Kenneth P. Monteiro
SF State President, Robert A. Corrigan
Organizers’ Introduction

10:10 – 10:50 AM South East Asian Cultural Heritage & Musical Performing Arts (SEACHAMPA) Performance
Sandra Sengdara Siharath, SEACHAMPA
Wuttinan Bussabokon, Thai Classical Music
Trent Walker, Khmer Smot
Orkes Pantai Barat, an Indonesian/Malaysian keroncong music ensemble consisting of University of California, Riverside students & faculty

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Keynote Address, Jack Adams Hall
“Re-Sighting Southeast Asian American Studies”
Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

12: 10 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch on participants’ own

Concurrent Sessions Block A: Panels, Films, Workshops

1:10 – 2:30 PM

Session 1: Circuits of Travel: Khmer and Vietnamese Artistic Visions, Rosa Parks F
Nora Taylor, Chair and Discussant
Viet Le: Silence and Void or Double Trouble: Hồng-An Trương’s Visual Archives
Chuong-Dai Vo: Theorizing Dissonance and Marginalized Discourses in the Vietnamese
Isabelle Thuy Pelaud: Binh Danh’s artwork on Cambodia
Anne Elizabeth Moore: Flowers Come from My Mouth: The Artwork of Leang Seckon

Session 2: Being and Becoming Southeast Asian Americans: Memories and Visions of Self and Home, Rosa Parks D
Linda Vo, Chair and Discussant
Dahlia Gratia Setiyawan: Kenangan di Negri Paman Sam: Collective, Appropriated, and
Conflicting Memories of Migration from Indonesia to the United States
Paul Hillmer: No Meo Wanted:  Shifting Views on Hmong “Worthiness” for Resettlement to the
Grit Grigoleit: Constructing Identities in the Diaspora – Hmong in the U.S.
Kathleen M. Nadeau: Role of the Philippine Family (Early Modernity to Post Modernity)

Session 3: Visions of Cambodian and Vietnamese Spiritualities: Perceptions of Self, Space, and Time, Rosa Parks E

Russell Jeung, Chair and Discussant
Linh Hoang: Vietnamese American Catholics: Negotiating Religious and Cultural Identities
Jonathan H. X. Lee: Ethics of Identity Formation: History, Memory, and Collective Healing in
Cambodian America
Thien-Huong Ninh: Roots, Ruptures, and Renovations: Transnational and Homeland Ties between
Caodai Temples in Cambodia and Vietnam

Session 4: Screening, Sounds of a New Hope, by Eric Tandoc, Rosa Parks A-C

Concurrent Sessions Block B: Panels, Films, Workshops

3:00 – 4:30 PM

Session 5: Look Again: Southeast Asian Americans, Education, and Social Justice, Rosa Parks F
Vichet Chhuon, Chair and Discussant
Paule Chau: Invisibility under the Model Minority Myth: Southeast Asian Americans and Higher
Yeng Yang: Take a Look: Second and Third Generation Hmong American Women’s
Educational Achievement and Social Mobility
Krissyvan K. Truong: Examining 1.5 and 2nd Generation Laotian American Achievement
through Acculturation, Cultural Capital, and Social Capital Frameworks

Session 6: Visions of Bodies and Minds: Southeast Asian American Health, Rosa Parks D
Mai-Nhung Le, Chair and Discussant
Usha Welaratna: Understanding PTSD among Cambodian Trauma Victims
Paul DuongTran and Chi Vu: Perceptions of ‘Community’ amongst Vietnamese American
Immigrants: Implications for Social Services and Health Promotion
Linda A. Gerdner: Alzheimer’s Disease: Stimulating Remote Memories Through Grandfather’s
Story Cloth
Leakhena Nou: The Khmer Stress-Health Model: Decoding Khmer psychosocial adjustment

Session 7: California Faculty Association, The Impact of Budget Cuts in the California State University System on Southeast Asian American Students and Their Families, Rosa Parks E

Session 8: Screening Boonkhun, by Virada Chatikul and The Oak Park Story, by Valerie Soe & Russell Jeung, Rosa Parks A-C

5:00 – 6:00 PM Plenary Performance, Jack Adams Hall
The Like Me’s

6:008:00 PM Asian American Studies’ Reception in EP 116


Friday | March 11, 2011

8: 00 – 9:00 AM Breakfast and Registration for Panelists and Speakers

9:10 – 10 AM Keynote Address, Jack Adams Hall
"21st Century Civil Rights Issues of Southeast Asian Americans in the Diaspora"
William “Bill” Tamayo, United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Concurrent Session Block C: Panels, Films, Workshops
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Session 9: Memories and Geographies of Southeast Asian American Literature, Rosa Parks F
Isabelle Thuy Pelaud: Chair and Discussant
Tim August: Waiting for the Vietnamese Americans: Food, Postcolonialism, and Memory
Vinh Nguyen: “I Want to Know What Wou Know”: Witness, Testimony, and Khmer Rouge
Genocide in Kim Echlin’s The Disappeared
Catherine H. Nguyen: Geographies of Vietnamese Diasporic Poetry

Session 10: Between the Civil and the Civic: Southeast Asian American Community Politics and Engagement, Rosa Parks D
Edward Curammeng, Chair
Daniel Phil Gonzales, Discussant
Kanjana Thepboriruk: Translation Counts: Comparative Analysis of Thai Texts for Census 2010
Trikartikaningsih Byas:  Gamelan and Dangdut: Indonesian Performing Arts That Foster Rukun
(Harmony) and ‘United’ Identity Among Diverse Indonesian American Population
Julie Thi Underhill and Asiroh Cham:  Khmer Rouge Tribunal Case 002: The Genocide of
Chams in Cambodia
Bao Lo: Hmong Youth and Mediated Agency: A Contextual and Gendered Response to

Session 11: Hmong Americans and the Cultural Production of Memories, Rosa Parks E
Susette S. Min: Chair and Discussant
Louisa Schein and Va-Megn Thoj: Warrior Boys, Thespian Men and the Spectre of War in Hmong American Masculinities
Ly Chong Jalao: Weaving Hmong History and Subjectivity
Mitch Ogden: Refugee Utopias: Hmong Diasporic Cultural Production at Work
Bee Vang: Counter-Masculinities: Gran Torino Lead Bee Vang Screens His Spoof, “Thao Does

Session 12: Mapping Past and Present: Southeast Asian Americans in Film and Media, TL T-153
Valerie Soe, Chair and Discussant
Kanara Ty: Film as Folklore: Recovering Lost Histories and Developing Cambodian American
Raymond San Diego: Embracing the Digital: Gay Filipino Men and the Possibilities of
Technology and Self Pleasure
Kevin Lim: Mappings of Representation and Memory: Vietnamese Canadian Rapper Chuckie Akenz, State Media and the Neighborhood of Jane and Finch

Session 13: The Center for Lao Studies’ Lao Oral History Archive (LOHA), TL T-160
Vinya Sysamouth and S. Steve Arounsack
Permanent display during conference in TL T-160

Session 14: Screening, A Village Called Versailles, by S. Leo Chiang, Rosa Parks A-C

12: 00 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch on participants’ own

Concurrent Session Block D: Panels, Films, Workshops
2:00 – 3:30 PM

Session 15: Transcultural, Transtemporal, and Transnational Geographic Visions in Southeast Asian American Literature, TL T-160
Mariam B. Lam, Chair and Discussant
Gloria G. Gonzales: Crossing Literary and Territorial Boundaries: Transnationalism and Filipino/Filipino American Literature
Kim P. Trinh: Traumatic Textuality: Envisioning a diasporic Modernity in Lan Cao’s Monkey
Nolana Yip: Created in Translation: From Memories to Visions of Burma

Session 16: Roundtable with Filmmakers: Expanded Visions: Southeast Asian Americans in Film, Rosa Parks A-C
Sylvie Kim, Chair
Eric Tandoc: Sounds of a New Hope
S. Leo Chiang: A Village Called Versailles
Virada Chatikul: Boonkhun
Valerie Soe & Russell Jeung: The Oak Park Story

Session 17: Roundtable on Hmong Americans in the Ivy League/East Coast, Rosa Parks D
Teng Yang, See Vang, Bee Vang, and Kaozouapa Elizabeth Lee
Brown University and Yale University

Session 18: California Faculty Association, The Impact of Budget Cuts in the California State University System on Southeast Asian American Students and Their Families, Rosa Parks E

Session 19: Workshop: Publishing Opportunities in Southeast Asian American Studies, TL T-153
Wayne E. Wright and Chhany Sak-Humphry

Session 20: Andrew Lam, Book reading, East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres, Rosa Parks F

4:00-5:00 Bao Phi, Plenary Performance, Jack Adams Hall

5:30 – 8 PM Closing Banquet:

Banana Island
416 Westlake Center
Daly City, California, 94015

(By RSVP Only)