Sarah A. Curtis                                                           
Professor, History
Director, European Studies

Office Location: Science 267
Office Hours (Fall 2012): Tu 9:30-10:30, Th 12:30-1:30, and by appt
Office Phone: 415-338-2250
Fax: 415-338-7539

Course syllabi
History 111 (Western Civilization II)
History 300 (Historical Analysis)
History 342 (Europe and the French Rev.)
History 344 (19th-Century Europe)
History 347 (Women in Modern Europe)
History 348 (European Intellectual/Cultural)
History 400 (European Imperialism)
History 640 (Victorian Women)

History 640 (World War I)
History 730 (French Revolution)
History 740 (Culture/Society Belle Epoque)

History 740 (European Imperialism)
History 740 (Class and Gender in 19th C.)
History 785 (College Teaching of History)
Humanities 375 (Paris: Bio of a City)

(These are the most recent syllabi currently available; please check dates.)

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