Right To Know {Human Rights at San Francisco State}

Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

Environmental Organizations


Greenaction: For Health and Environmental Justice

Greenaction mobilizes community power to win victories that change government and corporate policies and practices to protect health and to promote environmental justice.


Communities for a Better Environment

Communities for a Better Environment is an environmental health and justice non-profit organization, promoting clean air, clean water and the development of toxin-free communities.


West County Toxics Coalition

The West County Toxics Coalition (WCTC) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), multi-racial membership organization founded in 1986 to empower low and moderate-income residents to exercise greater control over environmental problems that impact their quality of life in County Costa County, particularly West Contra Costa County (West County), in Northern California.


Indigenous Environmental Network

The Indigenous Environmental Network is a network of Indigenous Peoples empowering Indigenous Nations and communities towards sustainable livelihoods, demanding environmental justice and maintaining the Sacred Fire of our traditions.


Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund partners with businesses, governments and communities to find practical environmental solutions.


Green Media Toolshed

"Opening the door to successful communications campaigns for the environmental movement."


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