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Sexuality and Reproductive Rights


Department of Sexuality Studies

The mission of the Department of Sexuality Studies is to " advance multidisciplinary teaching, research, and advocacy in sexuality studies, sexual literacy, well being and social justice." We provide students with knowledge about processes and variations in sexual cultures, sexual identity and gender role formation, and the social, cultural, historical, and ethical foundations of sexuality, intimate relationships, and sexual health. The department has a long commitment to community building and focuses on issues of social justice and sexuality, including the impact of factors of social inequality - such as poverty, racism,marriage equality and homophobia - upon sexual well-being and sexual health across the lifespan.


National Sexuality Resource Center

The mission of the National Sexuality Resource Center is to provide
advocates, academics and researchers with the knowledge, skills and
resources to improve lifelong sexual literacy and sexual well being
for all Americans. The National Sexuality Resource Center, the Center
for Research on Gender and Sexuality, and the Department of Sexuality
Studies comprise the National Centers on Sexuality at San Francisco
. Through advocacy, research and education, the National Centers
on Sexuality promote sexual literacy, sexual well being and social
—and are changing the way America thinks about sexuality.


The Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality

The Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality (CRGS) is an interdisciplinary community of San Francisco State University faculty, students, and staff dedicated to studying innovative social science research questions, methods, and theories, and training new investigators. Frequently working in collaboration with community organizations, the CRGS is committed to producing new and useful knowledge about sexuality and gender. Our goal is to promote social justice and well-being by empirically challenging how inequalities undermine healthy sexuality.




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