Right To Know {Human Rights at San Francisco State}

Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus



Right To Know was co-founded by Mariana Ferreira and Kellen Prandini.



Mariana Ferreira is the Executive Director of Right To Know. Dr. Ferreira is a Brazilian anthropologist specializing in the social causes of illness, including diabetes mellitus and cancer. She is particularly interested in a physiology of oppression that connects Indigenous Peoples worldwide to diabetes, social inequality, and colonial trauma. Mariana Ferreira teaches Anthropology at San Francisco State University, in California, and currently directs the Global Peace, Human Rights and Justice Studies Program at SFSU.


Hanzuwan El-kindiy is the director of Right To Know. Hanzuwan is currently a senior of anthropology at San Francisco State University. His interests include media literacy and utilizing the full multimedia spectrum as a tool to promote human rights awareness.


Kellen Prandini is one of the founders of Right To Know and is an alumnus of SFSU. Kellen specializes in applied visual anthropology, cultural anthropology, collaborative filmmaking, and youth filmmaker education. His background includes documentary educational work in Tanzania with migrant Maasai, as well as youth filmmaker training in South Central Los Angeles, the SF Bay, and on the Yurok Reservation in Northern California. Currently, Kellen works as an anthropology instructor at Fresno Pacific University and Fresno City College, and as a youth coordinator at East Fresno Boys & Girls Club. As a visual anthropologist, his aspirations include the advancement of human rights through community activism and collaborative filmmaking. 



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