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Health Information


Healthy Development Measurement Tool

The Healthy Development Measurement Tool is a comprehensive evaluation metric to consider health needs in urban development plans and projects. The HDMT explicitly connects public health to urban development planning in efforts to achieve a higher quality social and physical environment that advances health.


The following links will provide you with basic information about health issues.


#1.California Cancer Registry

The mission of the California Cancer Registry is to serve the public by collecting statewide data, and conducting surveillance and research into the causes, controls, and cures of cancer and communicating results to the public.

*Check out their interactive map:

"California Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates"


#2. Northern California Cancer Center

The Northern California Cancer Center (NCCC) is dedicated to preventing cancer through population-based research and community education. An independent organization, NCCC is an established, nationally recognized leader in understanding who gets cancer and why, and how to improve the quality of life for individuals living with cancer.

*Check out NCCC's Annual Cancer Incidence and Mortality Report


Related Articles


#1. MedicineNet.com article (2008) - Produced by the Breast Cancer Fund, a non-profit group whose mission is to identify environmental links to breast cancer, The State of the Evidence: 2008 concludes toxic chemicals in the environment, along with increased radiation exposure, are the main culprits in the sharp rise of breast cancer incidence.


#2. CNN.com article (2007) - "Stinky neighborhood" in Houston is near huge petrochemical complex. Its residents are mostly Hispanic and mostly poor. Located near the Houston ship channel, it has a high rate of leukemia.


#3. LA Times article (2007) - Cites Chevron's chemical releases of chemical toxins BENZENE, MERCURY, CHROMIUM. Though abroad in Nigeria, they are the SAME CHEMICAL TOXINS FOUND IN THE BAY AREA (ref. Scorecard.org).


#4. SF Gate article (2001) - Cites CARBON TETRACHLORIDE, CHROMIUM COMPOUNDS, and BENZENE as "cancer causing." These are the TOP THREE chemical carcinogens found in Contra Costa County (ref. Scorecard.org page profiling CCC top chemical carcinogens).


#5. SF Gate article (1999) - Cites CARBON TETRACHLORIDE, CHROMIUM, FORMALDEHYDE as "cancer causing." All three are in the top chemical carcinogens found in CCC (ref.CCC's chemical carcinogens page at Scorecard.org).



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