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Teaching Philosophy

Management 405 Online

I am very sorry that MGMT 405 online is closed and full. I am no longer accepting additional students. Spaces that still show on the roster have been filled by new F-1 students; if empty spaces are showing up, it means these students have not touch toned their permit adds yet. All spaces are accounted for. Try next Spring; the course will be offered online.

The governor and legislature have not given the CSU/SFSU money to do its job; course sections, class meetings and office hours are being cut. If you think it is wrong to pay higher fees for less education, tell our state representatives that they need to properly fund the CSU system; tell our members of the U.S. Congress that the CSU needs a bail-out too. If Congress can bail-out the AIG Corporation for a tune of $170 billion dollars, don’t you think they could find $538 million to bail-out the largest system of public higher education in the United States?


Gov. Schwarzenegger , governor@governor.ca.gov          415 703 2218

Assembly Woman Fiona Ma, assemblymember.ma@asm.ca.gov, 415 557 2312

Assemblyman Jerry Hill, assemblymember.hill@asm.ca.gov, 650 557 2312

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, assemblymember.ammiano@asm.ca.gov, 415 557 3013

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, http://speaker.house.gov/contact/ , 415 556 4862

Rep. Jackie Spier, http://speaier.house.gov/index.html, 650 342 0300


Ron Purser

Professor of Management