by Judy Kew <>

(to be updated as we learn more)

BUY ORGANIC. At the moment we believe organic is safe. The USDA will

publish its decision on this in a month or more: website

READ LABELS ! Processed foods labeled "organic" are allowed to have 5%

non-organic ingredients. If the soy, corn, or canola oil ingredients are not

organic, they will be mixed with their genetically engineered counterparts by

December, 1996 / January, 1997.

SOME EXAMPLES of soy in processed food: soy flour in baked goods, pizza,

cookies, cakes, pasta; fillers in meat products, e.g., Big Macs; veggie meat

substitutes, e.g., tofu, tofu burgers, tofu dogs; soy milk infant formula,

baby food, diet and protein shakes, protein bars, chocolate, candy bars,

margarine, ice cream, dog food, cat food, soy oil in salad dressings & chips,

soy sauce, lecithin, up to 30,000 products !

Corn: corn sweeteners are in soda, (even health food brands), all sweet

products; corn syrup; corn starch is even in yogurt and aspirin; corn meal

products, like cereal and chips; corn oil is everywhere.

Canola oil seeds (gen.eng.) from Canada have been in the U.S. for awhile and

may already be in products with non-organic canola oil. Please avoid these.

BUY NON-RBGH MILK & DAIRY PRODUCTS. RBGH is a genetically engineered

hormone that, when added to cows' natural growth hormones, causes painful

mastistis often requiring more antibiotics, shortens their life span, and

causes cancer in humans. There is a boycott of Land of Lakes Butter and Cabot

Creamery butter (since it was bought out).

AVOID YELLOW CROOKNECK SQUASHES. Unlabeled, from Asgrow Seed Co. (a

division of Upjohn Co.). The first virus-resistant crop to gain USDA approval.

The first genetically engineered whole food to enter the market unlabeled.

The squash, called "Freedom 2," has many native plant relatives in the US. If

they interbreed, the hybrid could destroy its natural relatives, or create a

new breed of virus-resistant weeds powerful enough to destroy food crops. See

Science, Oct.11, 96.

EAT RENNETLESS CHEESE - Most cheeses are made with an genetically

engineered rennet called chymosin. "Real rennet" may not be available

anymore. We need more info on this.

AVOID "DOUGH CONDITIONER" available in cheaper baked goods. This is a code

word for a complex mixture of genetically engineered enzymes and other

components that should not be taken into the body. Try to avoid cheap breads

when eating out.


Monsanto has "failed," (may still be in Europe) they could be sold for making

tomato products. The big companies, like Del Monte, Heinz, and Ragu, grow

their own tomatoes.