GULF WAR SYNDROME: Thanks to Biological Germ Warfare
     Research evidence is accumulating to suggest that Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) may be the
     result of genetically engineered germ warfare. That’s the view according to Garth Nicolson,
     Ph.D., professor of pathology and internal medicine, chairman of the tumor biology department
     at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas (the largest such facility in the world),
     and author of 400 scientific papers.

     Dr. Nicolson argues that the GWS microbe seems to be the product of combining a gene from
     the HIV-AIDS virus with a mycoplasma (a tiny cellular component, normally harmless, until
     activated) to produce a new super pathogenic and infectious microbe not otherwise found in
     nature. The genetic engineering was presumably conducted in a secret lab, probably in the U.S.,
     Nicolson says, then sold (with at least 10 other biological warfare agents) to the Iraqi
     government between 1984 and 1989.

     While the U.S. government denies GWS as a legitimate illness category, as many as 6000 U.S.
     soldiers have already died from this otherwise mysterious illness, at least 15,000 more are sick
     from it, family members never in the Gulf are becoming infected, and miscarriages and
     congenitally deformed children are attributed to it as well, says Dr. Nicolson.

     Further, GWS symptoms are strikingly similar to chronic fatigue on 31 points, with the highest
     correlation (85%) being aching joints. Dr. Nicolson hints that the biological-warfare-derived
     microbe may be central to both illnesses. Meanwhile, Dr. Nicolson has published information on
     his successful antibiotic treatment (tetracycline at 100 mg, 2 times daily for 10 days, although up
     to 6 courses may be required) for GWS.

     Dr. Nicolson also contends, based on private sources, that the GWS HIV-mycoplasma microbe
     may have been tested on the prison inmate population in Texas. “We have possibly uncovered
     one of the messiest controversies and cover-ups since Watergate,” Dr. Nicolson states. “There
     is a huge cover-up of immense proportions. A lot of people are not happy about this getting out.

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