The White Deer Academy's Regulations for Students

by Chu Hsi (Chu Wen Kung)

Translated by Dharma Master Heng Sure

Let there be affection between father and son

Let there be righteousness between ruler and minister,

Husband and wife should pay attention to their separate functions.

Let there be proper order between old and young.

Let there be faithfulness and trust between friends.

The above are features of the Five Teachings.

Study it extensively,

Inquire into it accurately,

Think it over carefully,

Distinguish it clearly,

Practice it earnestly.

This is the priority for studies.

Let one's words be sincere and truthful, and one's deeds be earnest and reverential.

Restrain one's wrath and repress one's desires.

Move toward the good and correct one's mistakes.

The above are the essentials for self-cultivation.

Set straight your sense of righteous and do not seek profit.

Illuminate the Way and do not calculate on results.

The above are the essentials for handling business.

Do not do to others what you do not want done to you.

If you do not succeed in your practices, turn inward and seek there for the cause of failure.

The above are the essentials for dealing with relationships.