The Great Commonwealth of Peace & Prosperity

by Confucius, 5th Cent. B.C.

Translated by Dharma Master Heng Sure

When the Great Spiritual Path (the Tao) is practiced, everything is public.

The virtuous and the able are chosen for public office. Integrity and friendliness are valued by all.

People cherish not only their own parents and children, but cherish the children and parents of others as well.

The elderly live their last years in happiness, able-bodied adults are usefully employed; and children are properly reared.

Widowers, widows, orphans, and the childless aged, the crippled and the ailing are well cared for.

All men share their social responsibilities and all women have their respective roles.

Natural resources are fully used for the benefit of all, and not wasted or appropriated for selfish ends.

People want to contribute their strength and ability to society for the public good, and not for private gain.

Trickery and cheating could not occur in such a society.

Robbery, banditry, rebellions, and other crimes all disappear.

Gates and doors are not locked; no one ever thinks of stealing.

This is the Age of the Great Commonwealth of peace and prosperity.