Philosophy 510 "Zen Buddhism"                                                                     Dr. Ron Epstein

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Selected Readings in Zen Buddhism
Zen Book News and Bibliographies
Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library
Center for Buddhist Studies (Taiwan)
Chinese Buddhism
Buddhist Tradition


"Song of Enlightenment" with Commentary by Chan Master Hsuan Hua
Chan Master Hsuan Hua "Chan: the Essence of All Buddhas"
Bodhidharma "On the Formless Mind"

"The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua Brings the Dharma to the West" by Ron Epstein
"Coming Down from the Zen Clouds: A Critique of the Current State of American Zen"
    by Stuart Lachs
"Is Zen Buddhism?" by David Loy

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Dharma Realm Buddhist Association
Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery

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