Lab Alumni, 1982-1994


Marisa Kendall.  Age and settlement dates of juvenile speckled sanddabs, based on daily increments in otoliths.  Present position:  Community college teacher.


Keith Sakuma.  Distribution of pelagic juvenile sannddabs. Present position:  Fisheries Biologist, NOAA Fisheries, Santa Cruz Laboratory.


Jon Amdur. Settlement marks on the earstones of young of the year blue rockfish.  Present position:  Environmental Planner, Port of Oakland.


Greg Reub.  Influence of groundwater upwelling on spawning-site selection by chum salmon in Alaska.  Present position:  Senior Consultant, Entrix Inc.


Brian Connich.  Utilization of small coastal marshes by juvenile striped bass.  Present position:  High school teacher.

Todd Hopkins.  Gastric evacuation of three food items in black and yellow rockfish.  Ph.D.,   U.C. Davis.  Present position:   Fishery Biologist, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Comprehensive Everglades Restoration project.

Steve Pace.  Gastric evacuation in brown rockfish. 

Michelle Romero.  Life history of kelp rockfish. 


Tom Laidig.  Color selection by four species of rockfish.  Present position:  Fisheries Biologist, NOAA Fisheries, Santa Cruz Laboratory.


Jody Zaitlin.  Geographic variation in the life history of black and yellow rockfish.  Present position:  Retired as Environmental Planner, Port of Oakland.


Robert Broadhead.  Limnological survey of Lake Winnemucca.  Present position:  Independent contractor.


Randal Orton.  Dental polymorphism in Girella nigricans.  Ph.D. degrees in Zoology and Environmental Management, UCLA.  Present position:  Watershed Manager, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District.


Patrick Guillemot.  Seasonal cycles of fat content and gonad volume in northern California rockfishes.