Research Summaries 2008

Treasury Advisory Committee on the Audit Profession

Treasury Report: Background

Treasury Report: Human Capital

Treasury Report: Firm Structure and Finances

Treasury Report: Concentration and Competition

Update 12/5/08: Transparency advocates offer firms a deal

Academic Theories about Professional Practice

Human Capital

Human Capital Challenges in Accounting

Human Capital and Audit Quality

Update: AICPA Supply/Demand report [.pdf 2 Mb] see esp. pp. 45-51

Serving the Client and the Public

The Auditor's Report

Auditor-Client Negotiations

Update 12/5/08: PCAOB keeps finding Big-4 audit flaws

Business Structures

Why Professionals Organize into Partnerships

Audit Firm Governance Problems

Firm Finances (Center for Audit Quality Report)

Audit Fees Double after Sarbox (Audit Analytics Report)

Audit Firm Growth Patterns 2002-2008 (Instructor's worksheet)

The Hidden Problem of Excessive Rewards

Markets, Firms and Governments

Recent Corporate Failures and Related Audit Problems

New Century Financial (KPMG)

Update 12/8/08: Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss

Washington Mutual (Deloitte)

American International Group (PWC)

Instructor's notes on AIG

Instructor's Views:

The Auditors and the Elephant

Gotta Serve Somebody