Acct'g 804 Court Visit Paper

In order to see one aspect of the legal system in action, please attend (for at least one hour) the calendar call in a Superior Court Law & Motion or Probate Department. Quietly observe what is going on, both at the surface level of legal argument and the deeper social and cultural levels. (For example: How are people dressed? Who speaks to whom? How are emotions being expressed? How are decisions being made? In what ways is it like what you thought it would be, and in what ways is it different?)

Please write a *brief* (maximum 2 pages, doublespaced with normal typeface and margins) summary of your observations, and turn it in (or e-mail it) to me by September 18th. Grading will be "Cr/NCr".

San Francisco Superior Court (Civil) is at the northwest corner of McAllister and Polk Streets, just north of City Hall. The Law and Motion calendar is called at 9:30 AM Monday thru Friday in Courtrooms 301 and 302. The Probate calendar call is at 9 AM Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Courtroom 204. Hearings are ordinarily open to the public (at least the quiet and respectful members of the public.)

San Mateo Superior Court Law and Motion matters are called starting at 9:00, Tuesday - Friday in Department 25, Courtroom 7B at the Hall of Justice and Records in Redwood City.

If you cannot attend any of these sessions because of work schedule conflicts, please e-mail me for an alternate assignment.