Accounting 804 Course Information

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Here you can find chapter objectives, sample problems from the study guide and various other resources.

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IPO's and Stock Trading

Office: DTC 588


Office Hours: Thursday for one hour before class.

Required Text: Cheeseman, Business Law (Prentice-Hall, 6th ed.) and occasional handout material / online references.

Course Objective: This course provides an overview of the laws governing contracts, sales, and forms of doing business. The emphasis is on those issues which are most relevant to accounting practice and to professional certification. The course also examines the role of accountants for public companies, and their responsibilities under the Securities Acts, state regulations, and standards of professional conduct.

The detailed lecture notes for each class will be posted online, and may be printed out for personal, non-commercial use.

Course Prerequisite: Bus 784 or instructor's consent.

Disability Access: Students with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations are encouraged to contact the instructor. The Disability Programs and Resource Center is available to facilitate the reasonable accommodations process.

Grade Requirements: Grades will be based on two multi-choice midterm exams, a final paper or project, and on participation in class discussion. Students will be assigned to prepare cases for class discussion.

Course Grading Requirements:

Class participation
Court Visit Write-Up 5%
First Midterm
Second Midterm
Final Paper

You should expect to spend at least two hours studying and preparing assignments for each hour spent in class. If you're not sure how you're doing in the class, please ask me.