American Politics  and the African-American 
Quest for Universal Freedom 6/e



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American Politics and the African American Quest for Universal Freedom, 6/E

Hanes Walton, Jr.University of Michigan
Robert C. SmithSan Francisco State University

ISBN-10: 0205079911
ISBN-13:  9780205079919

Publisher:  Longman
Copyright:  2012
Format:  Paper; 368 pp
Published:  02/22/2011

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With the changes in the last edition and the new material in this edition, students are presented with the most complete analysis of the Obama election and presidency available, set within the context of a comprehensive theoretical and historical understanding of the role race in American politics. Among the new topics covered:


1.      Full treatment of the domestic achievements of the Obama presidency; achievements which make him the most successful liberal reform    president since Lyndon Johnson.


2.       Obama’s politics of “race neutralism” or “ethnic avoidance” compared with JFK’s handling of the religion issues during his presidency.


3.      The ethnic and racial dimensions of Obama’s appointments to the judiciary, the cabinet and the White House staff.


4.      The enhanced enforcement of civil rights law in the Obama administration.


5.      Ethnic and racial differences in public approval of Obama during the first year and a half of his presidency.


6.      The impact of the health insurance bill on the African American community.


7.      The outcome of the 2010 midterm elections and their likely impact on the future of the Obama presidency.