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Bureaucracy Clearing House

One of the true pleasures of being part of a large state University is that there are many exciting forms and such you get to fill out. Here in one place, are the places you need to go to do the following:

Doing an Independent Study or Internship
Stay tuned for information on how to do this.

Writing Your Thesis (Grad Students)
Well, good for you! Congratulations

The semester before your thesis writing adventures, you'll want to have filed your GAP and Culminating Experience forms with the department and graduate division. Check the deadlines for these forms. And then register for the M.A. (3 unit) or M.F.A. (6 unit) thesis course.

There are all sorts of signature and formatting requirements for the thesis, which diverge greatly from standard play formatting. You can check out the guidelines here. In addition, fabulous program alumna Jennifer Kollmer has created online a handy Thesis Template (external link) in MS Word form which hopefully can be of use. Jen advises to double check on the Grad Division site just to make sure they haven't changed any fonts or margins recently.
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