Theoretical Backgrounds in Psychology
Psy 601
Spring, 2010

Final Review

Syllabus and Course Requirements

Course Description

Getting Started

DATES:  Unit tests are on ILearn and must be completed by the announced weekly Wednesday dates. Any changes in dates will be announced by email and on ILearn.


  1. Unit 1 Definitions and Issues in Psychology     Feb. 3
    Drop deadline:     Feb. 5
  2. Unit 2 Early Philosophy and Medicine     Feb. 10
  3. Unit 3 17th and 18th Century Background     Feb. 24      
  4. Unit 4 The Roots of Third Force Psychology     March 3
  5. Unit 5 Beginnings of Experimental Psychology     March 10
  6. Unit 6 Evolutionary Theory and Clinical Psychology     March 17
    CR/NCR Request deadline:    March 19
  7. Unit 7 Behaviorism     March 24
    Spring Recess, March 29-April 2
  8. Unit 8 Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychology     April 7
  9. Unit 9 Phenomenology, Existentialism, and Humanism     April 14
  10. Unit 10 Psychologists -- A changing science and profession.     April 21
    Comrehensive exam (whenever the 10 units are mastered), but no later than April 28, May 5, May 12.

    COURSE GRADE is the on campus comprehensive multiple choice exam score (best score of three forms that may be taken), when all 10 units have been mastered. Comprehensie exam is given by appointment only on Weds. 2-4 PM, in EP 306. See syllabus and later exam link for details.

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January 24, 2010