After scoring yourself, go back to the beginning and change all the FALSE statements to make them TRUE. Change either the subject or the predicate or both in each of the false statements. ALL of the statements reflect something that is important in the unit.

1. Classification systems are an attempt to systematize what is known in a scientific field.(3)

2. The eighteenth century was a time when experimental methods were developed.(3)

3. The two major sub-fields of biology are botany and physiology.

4. Immutability means stable and unchanging. (4)

5. The always unstable political climate of Germany seemed to parallel a philosophy which stressed change.(5)

6.The two major explanations of change were that of catastrophism and evolution.(6)

7. Evolutionary change was dramatic and due to some specific environmental event.(6)

8. "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" means that the changes in a person's life follow those changes in the development of the species.(6)

9. Lamarck believed that changes in animals were produced when some part of the animal had adaptive value.(12)

10. Natural selection referred to the fact that by chance some things survive and others do not. (6,15)

11. The "survival of the fittest" means that the strongest survives.(14)

12. Excessive change in the twentieth century creates problems of identity. (16)

13. Galton believed that eminence was a product of one's environment.(17)

14. Galton's research methods were carefully controlled scientific techniques. (17)

15. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation was developed by Cattell's student. (17)

16. Cattell was one of Wundt's most famous students.(23)

17. Cattell interpreted Wundt's findings as a reflection of the generalized human mind.(23)

18. The first attempt at a mental test was made on the students at the University of Pennsylvania.(23)

19. Binet obtained his intelligence test items from child psychologists who were testing children.(24)

20. Terman worked at Columbia University.(24)

21. Spearman's theory of intelligence was called two factor because it covered both individual and group testing.(24)

22. Group tests were so named because they were based on a group factor theory.(25)

23. Yerkes led the work on the Army Alpha test because he was one of the foremost clinical psychologists. (26)

24. The Boston Psychopathic Hospital was one of the first centers to train clinical psychologists.(26)

25. The mental health movement was founded by clinical psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania.(27)

26. Early psychologists at the University of California were developmental rather than experimental psychologists.(28)

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